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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Mentally ill patients becoming a burden for county jails, By Briana Harris and Leah Cayson Staff Writers, Oct 4, 2015

Blogger Comments:  On October 4, 2015 the Decatur Daily ran an article on the mentally ill patients becoming a burden for county jails.  We wondered if Franklin's spin she gave to the Daily was accurate.  So, how Are the mentally ill treated in the Morgan County Jail?

We decided to challenge some of the things Franklin said in her statement.  Our comments will continue is blue as applicable.  
Franklin's Comments to the press in black:
Once they are in jail, Franklin said they can be ordered to in-house drug treatment and sometimes drug treatment facilities.
“We are very lucky in our jail, we have a clinic inside our jail with 24/7 mental personnel that’s there,” Franklin said.
Blogger Comments:  Franklin knows darn well that the above comments are nothing but lies.  She does not have 24/7 mental health personnel on duty.  Franklin also neglects to say a few other things about jail medical staff.  
One issue with mental illness in jail is patients can refuse their medication in jail, she said.
Blogger Comments:  Really Franklin.  You just said you have a 24/7 mental health facility in your jail.  Maybe they are refusing to take the medications because they were not prescribed by their own mental health provider.  What did you say the names are for your mental health providers?  
“In a mental health hospital, they cannot refuse medication,” Franklin said. “They refuse treatment inside the jail.”
Blogger Comments:  Franklin seems to blame the victims.  Franklin should try using the prescriptions prescribed by the mental  health professional that has treated the inmates for far longer than she has had a mental health ward.
When inmates refuse treatment and medication, Franklin said, the next step is to go through the court system to have an assessment done to see if commitment to a state hospital is necessary.
Blogger Comments:  Franklin, isn't it true the mentally ill refuse to take they medications that your health provider orders vice the long term mental health provider the mentally ill know and trust?  By the time the mentally ill have their day in court because of your negligence they are incompetent to stand trial.  There is something truly wrong with this picture.  If every sheriffs office operates the same way you do with the mentally ill, we do have serious problems.  The court has serious problems because of your neglect.
Wait of 4-6 months
Franklin said the facilities are generally full and the wait is about four to six months. Until a hospital bed is available, inmates are put under direct supervision or placed in the medical wing in the clinic of the jail.

Blogger Comments:  Franklin states that inmates must wait for about four to six months to get in a mental health facility.  Franklin, if your comments are true why are some of the mentally ill inmates being held in holding cells for weeks at a time, sleeping on the floor, and still in the Morgan County Jail for years before being transferred a facility that can truly treat them?  Why are some mentally ill patients still in the Morgan County Jail for up to two years without seeing a judge?  Why haven't you given the mentally ill the medications their personal physicians prescribe?  Isn't it true Franklin that you refuse to allow the inmates’ physicians medication and place them on the medication your contract doctor prescribes and that when the inmates go to court that cannot assist their attorneys with their own case?  Forcing the judge to remand the mentally ill in jail until they are competent enough to assist their counsel?  What credentials does your contract doctor have to take the mentally ill off of their prescribed medications from the specialized physician and placing them on other medications that suits your will or the will of your contract doctors. 

Limestone County Sheriff Blakely Comments:

“Jail isn’t built to care for people with mental illnesses,” Blakely said. “Anytime we’re dealing with people who should be in a mental institution, it’s really a burden because we don’t have the same capabilities and resources as a mental health facility.”

Blogger Comments:  Blakely shot straight when discussing mental illness in jail.  One can only hope he does not run his jail in regards to the mentally ill the same way Franklin does.

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