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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Is There Any Honor Among Politicians in Morgan County, Alabama?

Blogger Comments:  Our answer to this question is yes.  We congratulate one of our own, Ed Henry did something that seems to be lost on our society in today's political environment.  He made an apology to Governor Bentley because he enjoyed the misery of another person. It takes a big person to make that apology.  We commend Henry on his honesty.

We have many elected officials in Morgan County, Alabama to be proud of to include Scott Anderson, Ray Long, Don Stitcher, Jeff Clark, Greg Abercrombie, and many more elected officials that we should thank for their service.  The hardworking political figures in our county that dedicated themselves to the citizens of Morgan County, Alabama.

It is regrettable that we must exclude Sheriff Ana Franklin from the honorable and honest politicians within our community.  We hope that eventually we can drain the swamp and rid ourselves of the corrupt politicians in the Great State of Alabama.

Henry regrets behavior, Excerpts from a Decatur Daily article:
Rep. Ed Henry, R-Hartselle, who last year pushed for the impeachment investigation of Bentley, says he recently apologized to the governor.
Henry last week said he didn’t regret calling for the investigation, but some of his behavior.
“I regret the enjoyment of his misery,” Henry told reporters Thursday. “If any of you saw any of my interviews, I relished in it, and I’m not proud of my actions.”
Henry said he realized recently that he had taken personal satisfaction from burning Bentley at the stake.
“My walk with Christ requires much more than that,” he said. He went on to say he will handle himself better in the future.
Henry was critical last week of Bentley’s selection of Luther Strange as interim U.S. senator. As attorney general, Strange in November requested the House Judiciary Committee pause its investigation into Bentley.
“The air of corruption is thick,” Henry said. Twitter @DD_MarySell.

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