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Saturday, February 4, 2017

In my own words Glenda Lockhart

I am sure many folks out there believe I deserve everything Sheriff Franklin has done to me, my family, and my business.  The truth is Franklin's criminal actions extend way past my small grain in the sand part of Morgan County's history.  The actions she has taken against her own citizens, cities, our elected officials and employees, our businesses in Morgan County, and our reputation as a county.

Folks, I really don't know what to make of the Decatur Daily article posted February 2,, 2017 in regards to Sheriff Franklin's insurance provider claiming that they are not liable for any illegal activities conducted by Franklin and others within the sheriff's office.  I do know what to think and how to feel about the illegal conduct and behavior of Franklin, Bones, and Robinson.  Franklin had her thugs has been up to no good since she took office.  I am perplexed as to why an attorney who is an officer of the court is willing sat in a meeting and conspire with Franklin and her thugs to commit a criminal act.  Attorney Barney Lovelace admitted that he did.  Why would he do that since it was his job to represent Sheriff Franklin and provide her advice and assistance to keep her out of trouble. It is a disgrace to our county, it has hurt our ability as a company to be awarded new jobs, to perform the jobs that we have, it has hurt our employees, our family, and our credibility.

To date what has happened to Sheriff Franklin and the criminals who work for her?  Nothing.  Franklin still performs her horse and pony show, she is still abusing her power, she has stolen money to keep her standard way of life, she has starved inmates, has not insured that the mentally ill receive adequate medical treatment and their medications.  The Hispanic population in the jail has no voice because Sheriff Franklin does not want to pay an outside interpreter to assist in the language barrier.

What has the effects been on the sheriff's office clerks, jailers, and road deputies?  Horrible.  Franklin has fired, forced out, and demeaned most of the hard working employees of the sheriff's office to the degree that they fear each day for their jobs.  Each of the men and women that we have spoken to both past and present describe deplorable conditions from both a mental and physical standpoint.  The road deputies have not had adequate updated vehicles and equipment in years.  Very few body cams exist. Franklin purchased a brand new $50,000.00+ truck for Danny Kelso, a corrections officer who rarely works in the jail.  The truck is fully loaded and it appears that Kelso is an APOST certified deputy.  Yet Kelso has no ability to make traffic stops or arrests.  Many of the road deputies are driving vehicles 6 - 10 years old.  Why was Kelso awarded such a fine truck?  We understand that Kelso's parents baby sit Sheriff Ana Franklin's grandchildren for free.

If you are a Sheriffs Office Insider such as Ron Livingston, you can claim over $13,000.00 dollars worth of overtime.  While other senior officers to include Chief Deputy Mike Corley claim no overtime.  On the other hand, Corley should not claim overtime since he rarely comes in before 9:00 a.m., leaves at 4:00 p.m. and spends Tuesday and/or Thursday at either the Cullman cattle sale or the Marshall County cattle sales.  Yes.  Corley drives his $50,000.00 dollar truck provided by Sheriff Ana Franklin just in case he buys property while at the sale.  Sometimes Corley even swaps his truck out with employees at the shop so that he will not be recognized in a Morgan County Sheriffs vehicle.  Jail Administrator aka Acting Sheriff Larry Berzett also drives a new pickup truck while Livingston drives a new SUV.  All new vehicles for Franklin's favorites.  Yet, Franklin can't feed the inmates.  Franklin abuses her power.  Franklin has cheated the sheriffs office employees, the inmates, the county, the elected officials of Morgan County, and me and my family.  I resent Sheriff Ana Franklin and her thugs, Robert Bones Wilson, Justin Powell who made three mirrored copies of my office hard drives (only one copy of the hard drives went to forensics), Blake Robinson (who claims he will take on the FBI on the front steps of the sheriffs office), Larry Berzett and wife Pam, the Goodwins, Steven Ziaja who is a thug and a common criminal.  No only did some these thugs attempt to destroy us, they did destroy the Jeffreys family, their business, their reputation, and their credibility.

Sheriff Ana Franklin, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, Alabama Law Enforcement Agent Steven Ziaja, and Alabama Law Enforcement Agent John Venegoni all profited from the destruction of the Performance Auto Sales with the help of their inside man Greg Steenson, a felon who went to jail as the middle man in a scheme that cheated local banks out of 8.5 million dollars.  Steenson is a master mind of setting up schemes to rip people off.  He had the perfect set up.  Law enforcement officers willing to commit, cover up, and steal money from honest hard working people such as the Jeffreys family and their extended family.


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  2. I’m so proud of you for publishing this site! I too have been subjected to law enforcement corruption (especially whenever it involves protecting one of their own). The community needs to be made aware of all the corruption with the”powers that be” within this community. If people don’t come forth, then there will be no positive change. Most of these people (Franklin, Howell, some members of Priceville/Hartselle Police, Mayor of Priceville) need to be stripped from their duties all together. The only way to make that happen is to go public and bring awareness! So thank you! This site brings hope to those of us who have experienced the corruption.