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Sunday, February 26, 2017

How did this happen? Where did all of the money go

As the Morgan County Top Cop how did Sheriff Ana Franklin and ex-boyfriend Alabama Law Enforcement Officer Steven Ziaja get involved with Greg Steenson part owner of Priceville Partners, LLC?  The relationship between Sheriff Ana Franklin and Greg Steenson was family.  Though Franklin and Ziaja claimed to know little about Steenson and were unaware that he was part owner of Priceville Partners, LLC aka Performance Auto Sales aka Title Marts.  We now know that the story was a flat-out lie.  Franklin and Ziaja became involved with Steenson in mid-2013.  Franklin began removing money from Sheriff’s Office Accounts a little at a time except for the posse funds.  A large portion of the posse cash funds went into Sheriff Franklin and Larry Berzett’s pockets.  The motive was greed. 

Franklin, Ziaja, and Steenson involved their closest family and friends.  Vehicles went to many of the family and friends but little proof is shown that any of the vehicles were paid for. 

How does Sheriff Ana Franklin justify involving Bones Wilson and Blake Robinson in the Title Mart Ponzi scheme?  It is evident that the investors in the Ponzi scheme got their money back.  They are all still thick as the thieves they are.  How does Alabama Law Enforcement Office Steven Ziaja justify pulling to additional Alabama Law Enforcement Officers into the scheme? 

How do any of these people sleep at night?  These people preyed on the poor, people whose credit was so slow they had no other option but to purchase vehicles from slugs like Greg Steenson, Steven Ziaja, and Sheriff Ana Franklin.  While Steenson, Franklin, Ziaja, Bones, Robinson, and others were screwing the citizens of Morgan County, Alabama, the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office inmates, and the Jeffreys family, they were getting rich.

Bone Wilson, who did not work half the time, has received over $107,000.00 in overtime.  Blake Robinson received over $67,000.00 overtime at the same time he made approximately $38,000.00 from Title Mart cleaning vehicles on county time.  Alyssa Franklin and her live-in lover received cars and payment from the Title Marts, Franklin’s father received vehicles and money from the Title Marts, Greg Steenson’s dad and extended family received vehicles and other perks from Title Mart.

During the time of the sheriff’s reign, Sheriff Franklin used an inmate to upgrade her house.  The inmate received additional perks.  Sheriff Ana Franklin’s oldest daughter and her husband purchased a house with Steven Ziaja as a co-signer yet they completely remodeled their home and were driving upscale vehicles, purchasing several thousands of dollars’ worth of campers, and a commercial barbecue/smoker grill.  Then Franklin’s daughter claimed that her biological dad gave her $100,000 startup money to open her own business she runs in the historic district of Decatur, Alabama.

Where did all that money come from?

 and stupid.  Damn shame we couldn't recruit the good officers and workers.  
we will have to make do with Bones, Robinson, and Berzett. Said Ana to Steven. 
now if we can just get out of this mess with our money and our freedom. 
 Circle the wagons and they will never catch us.
Ana has all of us taken care.  Untouchable Ana Franklin.


  1. If it looks like a duck walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it must be a duck

  2. How much money y'all reckon Berzett has stole from the posse?

  3. He hasn't stolen anything . Berzett has been in Law enforcement for longer than you have probably been alive . And what do you know he is known as one of the best around . Not for this bull shit you slander about .