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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Decatur Daily Article.  Couple in wreck with Morgan sheriff oppose dismissal of lawsuit
  • By Keith Clines Staff Writer
  • Excerpts from the article as follows.  
    Franklin was acting within the scope of her duties when she was returning from an Alabama School Resource Officers Conference in Gulf Shores, McNeill said."
  • "McNeill said Franklin’s absolute state immunity “is straightforward and well settled. The Alabama Constitution of 1901 prohibits suits against the state.”
  • Blogger Comments:  According to Franklin's sworn affidavit, she was at the statewide TASRO conference that was being held in Gulf Shores.  Franklin clearly wasn't a guest speaker, she was not listed as a guest speaker, and was not an attendee of the class.  There is several issues regarding the wreck and Sheriff Franklin's lies.  Instead of Sheriff Franklin immediately going to the nearest clinic or hospital for a drug and alcohol tests which is required by Franklin's own rules and manual she waited on her current boyfriend Charlie Mcnichol to arrive at the scene of the accident and drive her home to Morgan County, Alabama.  None of the SRO's knew anything about Franklin attending the events at the SRO training or meeting up with them, nor was she a guest speaker, nor was she scheduled for any events.  Maybe Franklin believes she can get some of the other sheriffs to lie for her.  We can only hope the sheriffs she mentioned has more legal, ethical, and moral values that Franklin does.  It appears that Sheriff is immune to just about anything according to her insurance provider.  Even illegal acts.
  • Excerpts from The Hartselle Enquirer as follows:

Speaker Bios

​Frank DeAngelis
John-Micheal Keyes

Kristina Anderson
Rick Rainer
Deputy James Englert
Sheriff Wally Olson
Ken Tork

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  1. So none of the other SRO was in attendance, knew anything about the conference? Opposite of what the affidavit said, Interesting.