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Friday, February 3, 2017

Decatur Daily and Channel 48 News? What's Going On

Blogger Comments:  It sure seems like somebody thinks Sheriff Ana Franklin and her hooligans may have committed what?  Maybe crimes were committed?  Apparently, Franklin and Barney did not realize they were committing crimes when they conspired and then coerced and hired an informant to go into Lockhart's office and remove information before they had a warrant.  We will wait and see how this event works out for Franklin, Barney, and others.  An arrest for Franklin, Lovelace, Bones Wilson, and Blake Robinson for conspiring to commit a crime and following through with their actions will help the healing process. The other issues will be taken up in Federal Court. 

Why does Channel 48 News continue to run the story?  They have backed and supported every action Franklin has taken since taking office.  It makes you wonder if Channel 48 News accepts the fact that Franklin stole inmate food funds to support her investments including Title Marts.  

None of us on earth is perfect.  We all make mistakes and most of us admit them.

We have shared a lot of the ethics violations with Channel 48 News.  Margo Gray. Channel 48 News refused to acknowledge the information.  We cannot answer why they refused to investigate Jonathan Stebbins, Franklin's common law son in law who lives in her house in Decatur.  Franklin hired Stebbins as a corrections officer while he was spending time in the Limestone County Jail.  Stebbins was in jail on his first day of duty at the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.  During the six weeks that Stebbins was employed with the-the sheriffs office, he was arrested three additional times for burglary 3rd and contempt of court.  Corrections Officer Hayes was forced to resign.  She was Stebbins first line supervisor who was told by Franklin that if she had problems with Stebbins schedule she was to contact only the sheriff.  Franklin's belief was that Hayes was talking to outside sources.  Franklin forced Hayes out.  One of many people of color who was either fired or forced out to lead the way for Franklin's preferred race.  Even Jonathan Stebbins was allowed to resign.  While other law-abiding citizens of color were terminated.  

Franklin is notorious for moving people of color into the Kitchen and pretending they are over the Kitchen especially in times of trouble.  When Franklin forced Karen Davis out of the Kitchen she hired Corrections Officer Carrico to work in the Kitchen.  Once Carrico was in place and Davis filed a complaint Franklin quickly placed a person of color in the kitchen and claimed the corrections officer was over the kitchen.  Funny thing is that when it was time to travel for an event that involved kitchen training, the person of color was left behind while the white corrections officer Carrico traveled with Franklin.  

How does the public feel about Warden Leon Bradley disclosing Sheriff Ana Franklin's corruption to the whistleblower?  Honored.  Franklin did not realize how much the public, the inmate's families and co-workers respected Bradley when she set out to destroy him because she did not want the public to realize how corrupt she is.  It isn't just Franklin.  Since Larry Berzett took over the jail and froze Bradley out there have been multiple inmates tazed who was on the ground and compliant.  An inmate was taken to a location of the jail where there were no cameras and beaten badly.  One jailer who witnessed the event and who is still employed as a jailer told people he deserved to be beaten. 

Do the inmates in the jail deserve to be in jail?  Probably.  They do not deserve to be beaten, starved, and tazed while compliant.

Excerpts from the Decatur Daily:  Insurer: Sheriff has no coverage for some claims in blogger lawsuit 

  • By Keith Clines Staff Writer,

  • The motion to intervene says the law enforcement liability coverage applies only to bodily or personal injury, or property damage caused by legal law enforcement activities.
    “Punitive damages are explicitly excluded from coverage under this coverage part, so the defendants are not owed any indemnity from the fund under this coverage part for any award of punitive damages,” Stewart Howard, a Mobile attorney for the association, said in the filing.
    The motion said that among issues insurance would not cover are compensatory damages related to illegal acts committed by the defendants or by anyone instructed to commit an illegal act by the defendants, actions taken outside their official scope of duties, or property damage to Lockhart’s property while in the sheriff’s possession.

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