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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Comment Discussion

Reader Comment:

I would like to know more about if the higher staff, like if Chief Corley, the Sheriff, Larry Berzett,Ron Livingston,Danny Mcdaniels, ever qualified with those weapons they are carrying. Heard the rounds Friday at the range, but not one of those high dollar vehicles was at the range. According to APOST, none of these higher ups have qualified with the weapons that they carry for at least 2 years. The State requires that this is done every year. Wonder what APOST will do about this? This is a serious liability issue that they are putting the county and the taxpayers in. Come on command staff do you really think you're better than the deputies and the jailers that have qualified with the weapons that they carry?. 

Blogger Comment:

We have based our opinion on many of the aforementioned so called leaders of the Morgan County Sheriffs Office (MCSO) frequently since October 2015.  We are not impressed with any of them.  To be a leader you must lead by example.  To be a leader you must have the ability to influence others by purpose, direction, and motivation.  The leader must be selfless and place the goals of the mission above their personal goals and interests.  Leadership must maintain integrity, they must be frank, open, and honest.  They must be able to listen to their peers and the concerns of their employees.  Leadership must be able to work with their employees and strive to determine their skills, ability, and weaknesses.  Leaders must have the skills and abilities to delegate and oversee the mission with positive reinforcement.  It is easy to name a few of the leadership skills that make true leaders.

If you have read our blog you will notice that we do not believe that the current top brass of the sheriffs office can muster the skills required to lead by example.  


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