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Saturday, February 4, 2017

APOST? Weapons Qualifications? More Deception?

Blogger Comments: This came in from one of our readers.  We bet if someone looked into the range records for the command staff they would find the one who signed off was Bones Wilson.  Also, regardless these folks should LEAD BY EXAMPLE.  I also know in the past Command Staff did qualify with the deputies and other personnel at the range.  

Please tell me this is not so? Court house guards are wearing gun belts with holsters and no guns in the holsters!!!!   When the command staff wanted to get rid of a woman of color they sent her to go qualify with a weapon. She could not meet the standard of 80% Ana has set for all to carry weapons even though the state standard for APOST officers is only 70%. Her weapon, Her vehicle were taken and she was forced to retire. The guards did not meet the standards so their guns were pulled and sent back to work in full deputies uniforms with gun belts on with no weapons in the holsters?????? How dangerous is this? They can not even protect themselves or the public or the Employees of the county, Why have them at the entrances checking people for weapons? what would happen if they come across one? When is the last time this Famous command staff had qualified with the weapons they carry?  It has been years. This is required to be done on a yearly basis. Does this Command staff believe they are better than the Deputies, The Guards? Or even the Citizens of Morgan county to be wearing weapons on duty and putting the Sheriffs office and the county in a bad liability lawsuit if they had to use them? We dont even know if they can properly use them since they have not qualified with them in years. Does this Command staff at least have a shred of dignity to go actually go shoot those guns or are they just going to sign off on paper that they did. Are they going to put the weapons instructors who have to sign off on that in a compromising position by altering documents that are not true?  what if these weapons were used. This command staff should be kept to the same standards as the rest of the employees.  What liability would the county be in if these weapons were used and they were not properly qualified with them. The Sheriff, The Cheif Deputy, The Cowboy Berzett, Ron Livingston, Lieutenant Daniel Mcdaniels you are not any better than the rest. You are supposed to be held to the same standard.  Im sure they have time to go to the range since most of the command staff only works 3 to 4 days a week. Drive those high dollar county vehicles to the range and quit putting the county at risk carrying those weapons if you can use them to the standards Ana Franklin set for everyone else to be held to it is time for you to go, like the way you are driving everyone away. . Well at least be in compliance with APOST so the county does not get a lawsuit against them and make taxes go up. 

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