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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Big Brother / Big Sister

Blogger Comments:  

Tim Keenum of Decatur wrote a letter to the editor of the Decatur Daily approximately three months ago.  We are proud to publish it again.  See Keenum's comments in black below the blog.  Franklin claimed that Warden Bradley and the whistleblower Glenda Lockhart were under investigation of computer tampering.  Franklin made a big publication of the arrests by inviting all the local news organizations to her little party.  Were Franklin's attempts a method to use the media in trying to destroy two individuals because we know the truth? We believe so.  Bradley and Lockhart were called the "so called whistleblowers" by the mainstream media.  The media worked in unison to get the word out for Franklin. 

Franklin has used her popularity to sway the public and manipulate the press with her gift of gab.  We still have questions for Franklin.  Where are the indictments against Bradley and Lockhart?  Who is investigating Bradley and Lockhart for Computer Tampering?  Franklin still has a few followers such as Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, even poor ole love smitten Ziaja, who can't escape the love that festers and eats at his soul day after day for his ex-girlfriend Franklin.  Not to mention the Goodwin's, Berzett's, and Justin Powell.  Each of these people is an embarrassment to law enforcement and the positions they represent.  The thugs they send out to intimidate us are incompetent at their attempts.  We are eagerly awaiting the next fun field games Franklin and friends attempt.

Since Franklin conducted her media blitz for the public to show the public what terrible people Bradley and Lockhart, are a lot has happened.  Franklin leads like a wild wolverine who has no mercy for her employees, inmates, or for that matter anybody or anything that gets in her way.  

The whistleblowers have proven beyond a doubt that Franklin took inmate food funds to invest in the Title Marts.  

Letter to The Editor:

Could Morgan have a 'Big Sister?' Letter to the Editor - The Daily: Society has a phrase when they are skeptical of government. It is called look out for Big Brother.

That is a phrase that might should be said in Morgan County, except it possibly should be Big Sister.
The two search warrants served last month by the Morgan County Sheriff's Office at Sheriff Ana Franklin's direction smell, and smell bad, at least to this citizen. You had the search of a private residence of the jail warden, who, up until that day, had an impeccable reputation as an expert in the corrections field, and a search warrant at a private business after business hours, where forced entry was made to seize the company's computers.
What makes it smell is the lack of transparency in the press. From the sheriff stating she couldn't by law discuss the investigation, then in another headline a few days later discussing the investigation, to saying other law enforcement agencies were assisting in the investigation, but wouldn't say who those agencies are. Why?
Have any of us actually seen a law enforcement official not say what other law enforcement agencies were assisting their agency in the press? The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said no when asked by a news publication. Why the secret? Or could it be that no one is assisting? A blog that is published on the internet that is not favorable to the sheriff is the common denominator with these search warrants.
Could it be that Sheriff Franklin used her position as sheriff to shut the blog down, the business that the blogger owned and fired an employee and searched his residence on speculation, of talking bad about the sheriff on a blog?
If it was found as reported that the warden sent official documents by email to his residence, could he not have been doing some work at home?
Time will tell us if this was as legal as the sheriff claims, but if not, Morgan County it is time to worry about the sister in government and the possible abuse of power, and in 2016 one would think that concern would no longer rear its ugly head.
It smells.
Tim Keenum

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