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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

State of Alabama Sheriff's Convention and More on Pending Arrest

  The one who currently holds the title of Sheriff in Morgan County, paid to go to the Sheriff's Convention, but did not even stay for it all?  Hot date with Charlie?  Why waste even more of the county taxpayer money?  We hope you and Charlie enjoyed your short time there.  To be a 911 Director in Mobile County must not take a lot of time in order to be so wrapped up with Ana.

  With all due respect, we wonder if Robert D. (Bobby) Timmons, Executive Director of the Alabama Sheriffs Association, is aware of the latest changes as amended in 2009 to the Consent Decree?  His opinion is one of substance for the State of Alabama Sheriff's Offices, but not for the Morgan County Sheriff's Office where this is concerned.

  We also realize that the Sheriff's Association is, likely, very interested, as we all are in what is happening here in Morgan County.  After all, with Ana trying to spin this as she is and has involved the Alabama Sheriff's Association the remaining 66 counties in this state may ultimately be affected. The other Sheriffs statewide may eventually have to bring to light how much money they are making from leftover food funds.  We understand that this is an issue that may eventually lead to the Alabama law allowing this practice statewide (excluding Morgan County)  being repealed.  We certainly do not believe that other Sheriffs in this state would use this money to invest into any type of business with anyone, family member or not, who was previously convicted of a felony or fraud.    

  Ana listing all these predominate organizations, as she has, we wonder how long they will stand behind her as it is more than obvious she has lied. Any reasonable and prudent person can see that she has done all she can to take advantage of the situations and even blatantly broke the law in her attempts to cover up and mislead the citizens and employees of Morgan County, not to mention trying to do away with the whistleblowers. Wonder what the National Sheriffs Association thinks of all of this?  Embarrassing?

  With Blake "Flake" Robinson driving Ana's truck and parking in Ana's place his ego must be higher than ever.  Wonder if he regrets the battle cries against the FBI?   Speaking of regrets, are all these idle threats of ongoing investigations and possible criminal charges pending, getting old yet?

 We certainly agree that there are likely criminal charges pending. We do not believe it will be much longer before these charges and arrest come to light.  We honestly do not know "When", that is the million dollar question. We seriously wonder if Ana will even be there to assist with the inevitable upcoming audits?   Will Ana be afraid of these inevitable arrests to show up to work?  Will Ana continue to run all over the country acting like a Rodeo Queen with the title of Sheriff, or will she help with the work load soon to come with the mess SHE and her thugs created?    

  With everyone following this blog, as well as, the other media outlets we want to again stress that the employees of the Morgan County Sheriffs Office as a whole ARE NOT corrupt.  There are only a few still left who blindly follow or support the Sheriff.  Many of those do so because they have chosen to go all the way, supporting her even if it means going down with the ship. There are others who are giving up and leaving, which is causing this county to lose some very good employees.  There are some who have not contributed either way as they just want to keep their jobs.  The vast majority are standing, in some form or another, for what is right and just want to see that this comes to an end.   Regardless, it is all very unfortunate with the actions being taken by Ana, her group of thugs, and people she brought in. It is more than clear she and others are in absolute damage control mode. They will do whatever it takes to continue to spin and lie their way out of what is to come.

  We understand that no matter how guilty she might be she, like everyone else, needs legal representation and is innocent until proven guilty.  No matter how much she claims immunity in all this, it is not nearly as all inclusive as Ana and Barney try to use it. It has become enormously expensive to attempt to defend them.  As the criminal defense finally begins, it is likely that this will no longer be on the counties dime. Ana is likely paying for Barney Lovelace through the pistol permit funds now.  The civil liability will go on for many years to come.  For these people that will be arrested we wish that all this bleeding of money and the destruction of reputation of our county would quickly end.  So many are ready for the next chapter of rebuilding the Sheriffs Office and the long process of regaining the trust and support of the citizens of this county.

  Ana, if you have any decency you would realize it is over. It would be far less costly and less embarrassing for those who played along with you, voted you in, supported you, and were let down in grand fashion by your actions if you just resigned.        


  1. You are absolutely correct about the grammar. There is no excuse for it.

  2. Using the law to break the law an thinks she an her fellow slimeball cops are above the law..