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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Overtime Pay - Unequal Pay Among the Troops - More To Come

So, an effort to obtain information or limit it by any means necessary, legal or not, still going on as well as the willful destruction of potential evidence?  Robert "Bones" Wilson and Blake "Flake" Robinson:  Wow!  Look at the money you have made.  No wonder Blake made the battle cries for the FBI to bring it on.  Bones and Robinson are making more money on overtime than some of the employees make per year. Do the guys on patrol realize how much money you are making?  The hours they actually submit and get in overtime comes close to the hours the rest of the employees actually work? We will soon see what new-found sidekick Whittle makes also.  Staggering amounts of money! Blake's overtime pay at approximately $59,000.00 does not come close to Bones' overtime pay coming in at approximately $109,000.00.  All of the overtime paid out has been under Sheriff Ana Franklin's watchful eyes.  We can't wait to see what Larry Berzett and Ron Livingston's overtime pay has been.   The road deputies and other MCSO employees have been told 'no overtime'.  Limit your gas usage, come in 30 minutes earlier than when your shift starts.  No play for pay for the deputies and other MCSO employees who are not included in Franklin's games, rodeo travel, and excursions.

No wonder Blake and Bones rush to the Sheriffs Office to protect Ana from what they feel are stranger dangers.  How can anyone legitimately substantiate the pay differences between the employees and Ana's favorite buddies and cronies?   How much money did Blake and Bones make from Title Marts?  How much did Ana make from Title Marts?  Wonder if the IRS or DOL knows about those incomes?  Does Ana's famous immunity cover her in all of her illegal endeavors?  All this going on and Justin Powell gets locked out of his newly acquired office by Bones and Blake while word goes out through the department to delete all emails.  Really???  What a completely embarrassing mess.  On the other hand, Justin Powell hasn't milked the system, bringing in a mere $7,000.00 in overtime pay in the past six years.  That means for us that Powell did Ana's dirty work for free.

In the past, Ana and her thugs have acted similarly to the Clintons and their foundation.  By the way, Ana all good things come to an end.  The Clinton Foundation is closing its doors.  That's right.  Now all Hilary has to look forward to is the next investigation into her illegal behavior, abuse of power, and contributions from foreign entities while acting in an official capacity as Secretary of State. Sound familiar Ana on a somewhat lower scale?   We doubt you will get away with her corruption since all good things come to an end.  Why continue to hide behind your badge, order employees to delete their emails, continue your illegal activity when you know the end is near?  Then we deal with the food fund account and all the vehicles and investments as well as payoffs from Title Marts.  Then there is always all the money for the Rodeos that you and your thugs put in your pockets. Where did it all go? The money was not used to benefit the deputies on the road, the investigators actually investigating crime and the special needs that the Posse was set up to do under a nonprofit entity.   There has been little new equipment while you and your cronies pad your pockets.  While Ana and acting Sheriff Larry Berzett enjoy lunch at the Brick and often eat on the taxpayers dime the deputies often have to settle for Ramen noodles heated in a microwave only to do a repeat at the house for dinner. Poor Justin Powell, you are making pennies on the dollar compared with others who do the Sheriff's dirty work.  We miss Booger and his involvement; it appears that he just faded away? Where is Charlie Mcnichol in all of this?  Who is actually at work more often than the other, Charlie or Ana? Do you think that all the attempts to work under the radar, coming in late, or not at all, has not been noticed?

Do you think the misinformation put out by you and your thugs or attempts to discredit folks is really working to your advantage?  We look forward to getting the rest of the information together and coming out with hard numbers to show what everyone makes at the Sheriffs Office. All that money you are giving Blake and he can't handle his caseload?  You have made it clear that Blake Robinson is your personal patsy and that nobody is to give him any additional work. That will free you, Bones, Robinson, and Billable Barney to conspire and plan your next break-in with your informant and plant keylogger software on citizens' computers to intimidate the innocents that threaten your illegal activities.  It also frees Robinson up to plan his battle with the FBI?

Berzett, were you working on your exit strategy today with Ana at the Brick?  Maybe, it was a farewell meal?  Maybe you will be better off and avoid some of the fallout if you go ahead and retire as you claimed you were.  Run while you can kind of thing!  Maybe Livingston will be as smart and do the same thing.  You two are two peas in a pod more than you realize in this and likely will end up in the same boat when this comes to the end.  You know for some it's been a busy time of the year with all the inauguration, confirmation hearings and the like.  We wonder how things will be different when all of that has finished.  We bet it has a great deal more influence on things here locally than some might realize.
  So much more is soon to come.        

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