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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Retirement for Bill Shinn

  Reading an article in the Decatur Daily by Keith Clines it appears longtime attorney for Morgan County, Bill Shinn, has retired from law practice effective Jan. 1.  What is not mentioned is Shinn's son in law.  Yes, Billable Barney or Barnes Lovelace made a grand effort to follow in his father-in-law's footsteps with at least Ana Franklin.  How did that work out?  Well, after some serious hot water he has gotten himself into along with Sheriff Ana Franklin, he is out of a job. This is very unfortunate. We seriously doubt that this will be the end of his legal woes though.  Wonder if he will try to defend himself in court when the time comes.
  Not only can he no longer represent Ana Franklin in her ongoing civil cases in Federal Court he is also not going to be replacing his father-in-law.

  We have heard good things about David Langston.  From everything we have heard it seems most are very happy with the fact it appears he will replace Bill Shinn as the county lawyer.

  I would imagine this was not the news Ana Franklin wanted.  It had to be expected though.  I can only imagine what she might be thinking at this point.  Does she care that she had a part in messing up so many careers?  Barney clearly did a pretty good job of it himself.  We really think she does not care.  She is to busy trying to blame the whistleblowers and snuggle up with National Sheriffs Association and Sen. Jeff Sessions the next US Attorney.  Is she trying to get an immunity booster of some kind?  Maybe Senator Sessions needs a good used car from Title Marts.

 We wonder if Sen. Jeff Sessions took 5 min. to talk to those who know what is going on with Sheriff Ana Franklin and her band of thugs if he would allow her in the same room.  The same could be said for the many committees she is on. We are honestly surprised she is still even allowed in the vicinity of any of these organizations.  Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law!  How, amazing would it have been if one of the Senators came up with a way to sum all the many laws she has broken, ethics violations, fraud waste and abuse on so many levels as one of the questions to Senator Jeff Sessions during the conformation hearing with her being the Sheriff that did it, from his home state, while she was sitting behind him?  Speechless?  We seriously doubt he would be.  Wonder if they know she has tried to make those back here in Morgan County believe she was going up there to take care of all this and it would soon be okay?   WRONG! Hurry home Ana we certainly don't want to further delay the inevitable.

  We say all that to say we are sure Bill Shinn is happy he was able to retire and does not have to deal with the tangled mess that the woman who holds the title of Sheriff has made with her clan of thugs.                    

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