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Monday, January 30, 2017

Reader Comment

Why is it that Ron Livingston is allowed to mark down excessive overtime every pay period when he does not even work a full 40 hour work week? Why is it that when a woman of color could not pass her weapons qualification she had her weapon taken and was forced to retire? We have employees that recently failed to qualify with weapons and they are still allowed to carry them and still work. When is the Last time the Sheriff, Ron Livingston. The Cowboy Berzett, Danny Mcdaniels, The Chief Deputy, actually qualified with the weapons they carry. Will they actually be made to shoot like the deputies and jailers or will they just pass on paper and be allowed to keep the weapons they are wearing? What will happen if they actually have to use those weapons? 

Blogger Comments:  We have heard for years that Livingston is putting in for overtime he hasn't worked. Between Franklin's cronies outrageous overtime claims, there isn't enough money for the honest hard working employees of the sheriff's office to be paid for the work they do. 

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