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Monday, January 9, 2017

On The Road Again!

It appears Ana went to Washington DC first

We were surprised to learn Ana went straigt to Washington DC!
Good luck with your efforts there! 

Last pep talk with (almost) all my committee before I leave for Oklahoma! I'm so blessed to have such an amazing support group! Can't wait to see everyone in Oklahoma!

Really Ana,  with everything going on here in the county and the Sheriff's Office facing what it is, is it true you can't pass up a chance to play Rodeo Queen?  Who is paying for this trip you and your group are on?   Do you have your round trip airline tickets from your Rodeo play time in Oklahoma City to Washington D.C. ?  Who paid for that?  Do you think your going to get to hug up with President Elect Trump and Senator Jeff Sessions soon to be US Attorney?  Do you plan on having Sessions wrapped around your finger as you claim you have Big Luther Strange?  Will you try to accomplish this the same way you did in Montgomery? Ana, come back to Morgan County and get your affairs in order here and quit blowing all the Sheriff's Office money on your way out of office!  Is this a means for you to try to fertilize your mysterious immunity tree?  Are you going to try to get the next US Attorney to forgive you for your actions here or make sure you have super Hilary like immunity somehow?  Will they suddenly change the laws you broke to make it all okay for the Wanna Be Rodeo Queen? Please don't waste everyone's time and the county's tax money on this any further.  From what we understand your efforts with this will lead to further disappointment for you, even if you wear your spurs.  What good does anything you are doing bring to the victims of this county?  It's not like you are bringing money in to this county at a rate anywhere close to what you are blowing through it.  Does blowing through it all make the job any easier for you Ana? Your Nationwide Rodeo and hugging up to Washington politicians ruining through the money with your chosen travel crew really does nothing to keep anyone's home from being broken into does it?  How many people will be there on the county's dime? Are you acting above and beyond or outside the line and scope of your duties or what you are overpaid to do?  Where is Charlie?  Is he being a Mobile County 911 Director or running the country being corrupted by you?  You know how we often report things in almost real time and find out things you never thought we could?  Ana we do not want to be the ones to break it to you but it wont be as easy for you to hug up on these folks as you might think anymore.  We are not without compassion and will try to save you the embarrassment. We hear this from a pretty good source.   Apparently, it is not just the majority of your deputies and many of the citizens who you also let down who voted you in who are realizing the extent of your corruption while distancing themselves as much as possible.
  Even though it may be to late for him to escape unscathed by your actions with him, is Berzett the next to go away?  Barney Lovelace and now Cowboy Berzett?  Who next?  You once claimed you were ready to get rid of Ron Livingston for his corruption.  Will he go at the same time with his closest partner in crime Berzett?  Will anyone leave before being forced to one way or another?
  Ana, even your closest highest paid allies given positions of authority they did not earn or deserve are turning on you and distancing themselves.  Now, that the word is getting out, what makes you think your current waste of taxpayers money is going to be anything but a further waste to Morgan County?  Oh, maybe you did not plan on anyone knowing you are even gone out of state again.
  Even though public opinion is not at the forefront of what should concern you, you sure are making it easy to show how wrong the public and others were for trusting and believing in you on any level.  What are the taxpayers going to do with their high dollar horsey gear and trailers once this Rodeo gig you think being a Sheriff is, comes to a halt?                   


  1. You guys need to get better confirmation before you post things and describe them. My daughter, Mary Ashley, took these pictures and did the post as the Morgan County Sheriff's Rodeo Queen and keeping the page up. Those are from her white truck as WE, not Ana was on our way to compete that WE paid for in our OWN vehicle. That picture of us eating was in Decatur. Last time I checked, is not a crime to eat in the county you work in. Please stop assuming and find out true facts before trying to stir up more frustration.


  2. We apologize Ms. Lee if we have offended you. You are one of a few of her rodeo groupies that has paid their own way. Unfortunately, most of the money, horse blankets, saddles, and other horse tack has come out of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office various funds. We are suspicious of most things Franklin is involved in since she uses Morgan County funds as if they are her own. It is a shame that the county has been paying for all of the horse gear, gowns, and benefits for so many people who get involved in the rodeos. We are sure you purchased all of the equipment yourself.

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