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Sunday, January 29, 2017

New Hires Beware!

  As things begin to progress, it has been a bit concerning due to all the rumors.  We have heard several new rumors but we can't imagine, under current events, one of them possibly being true.  It is rumored that Ana is still trying to fulfill her campaign promises from so long ago.  We certainly hope that there is no truth to the rumor Richard Stover or anyone is looking to be the next Warden.  If there is any truth at all to this, it is undoubtedly best they hold off just a little while longer.  We see what a disaster the others brought in by the one who currently holds the title of Sheriff has proven to be.  We most certainly hope that no one would leave their current job to take over as Warden under the current circumstances.  Surely, anyone qualified for this position can see the writing on the wall where this is concerned.
  We believe the job of Warden will likely soon be filled and there will be no need for anyone to be considered to fill that position, or for anyone to continue in the position created by Ana Franklin, called Jail Administrator.  The Warden job is a big extensive job with lots of responsibilities and a well-qualified assistant to work under the Warden may be something to soon be considered.  
  Speaking of the Warden, where are the pending criminal charges or results of the criminal investigation?  Are they in the same place the other idle threats or warrants are for the others who strive to let the truth be known?  What justification is there to further keep the Warden's property from him?  We say this as we can't help but wonder when the release of the Warden's personal property,  that Ana is holding, will occur?  Unlike the food fund being the personal property of Ana, this property is truly personal property and being withheld from its rightful owner without just cause or consent.  Does Ana think it's her personal property also? Does she think that holding peoples property with no cause is OK for her because of her immunity?  Maybe, it would be easier for everyone if this property is just secured for a short time in his office, with his approval.
  We certainly understand that under the current circumstances filling any positions in the jail is likely much more difficult while proof of all the corruption continues to come to light.  We know this has to be making the opening of the new jail challenging if not impossible with the current staff already understaffed and many undertrained.  Maybe Ana will come to work and help figure it out or step down allowing the powers likely soon to be, to more easily take charge a little sooner.  We believe with the inevitable changes soon to come that this problem will in time rectify itself.   Hopefully, it will before costing the taxpayers a great deal more money.  That very costly building does nothing to help pay for itself while empty.  All those extra new beds to fatten Ana's pockets with more of her privately owned food money donated by the State and Federal Government?  We don't think so!
  Please, to anyone thinking of trying to obtain work at the Sheriffs Office for any position other than entry level jailers, think long and hard before leaving your current position.  Any job obtained other than entry level will likely be very short lived.   This may likely apply to personnel hired to special positions as Deputies without any road experience with the county also.  That's a whole different story to be addressed later.

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