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Sunday, January 15, 2017

More Reason's Why Franklin Can't Do her Job

In addition to jet setting to Washington D.C., Mobile, Alabama, Oklahoma, Biloxi, Mississippi, and all the other hot spots on Franklin's agenda to waste county money on her pet projects such as the posse and rodeo events, we decide to recap some previous pictures.

We heard from a mother a couple of days ago.  The mother was proud that she drove her own truck to Oklahoma for the rodeo queen event.  We are proud that they did drive their own truck and hopefully paid for their own gas.  Who paid for the pageant dresses, food, lodging, embroidery, saddles, saddle blankets, and the other gear that was used in the event?  Wasn't the rodeo event this week?  Isn't there another event scheduled in Biloxi for the week of the 20th of January?  Who will pay for that trip? Will MCSO employees be required to take vacation time, will they drive their own vehicles, will they pull horse trailers out to Biloxi?  Who will pay for lodging and food?  We expect that the Morgan County tax payers will pay for those trips.

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