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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Letter to the Editor What has our sheriff really done? Decatur Daily, January 16, 2017

I've been listening to people around town and am beginning to worry that maybe we elected the wrong sheriff.
What has Ana Franklin really done? She fired her top subordinates upon taking office, gutted the drug task force, and illegally searched offices and computers of other employees.
She is single-handedly overseeing the largest decline in morale in the Sheriff's Office. Maybe we need a proven leader with a law and order background and the education to support it.
Maybe the voters need to vet the sheriff like Decatur did their new chief. We need professional law enforcement in the Morgan County Sheriff's Office. I only hope things will turn around because the next election is a ways off.
Frank Janecek
Blogger Comments:  Frank, you need only to read the blog to get a feel of the amount of mischief, illegal activity, the dereliction of duty, and fraud, waste, and abuse Sheriff Franklin has been up to.
The Decatur Daily has absolute proof that Sheriff Franklin stole $160,000.00 from the inmate food funds via bank checks made out to Ana Franklin from Peoples Bank.  One of the checks was for #150,000.00 dollars and the other one was for $10,000.00.  Decatur Daily also has a copy of the check that Franklin wrote to Priceville Partners, LLC for $150,000.00.  When we first blogged about the sheriff's activities into the Title Marts, aka Performance Auto Sales, and aka Title Marts, Franklin told the Decatur Daily that the money came from her state retirement and savings accounts.  Yet Decatur Daily refuses to report the facts.  Instead, the Decatur Daily would rather listen to Franklin's lies.  It appears to us that the Decatur Daily does not believe in anybody but Ana.  Let's see if we can figure out why. Franklin is friends with Billable Barney who is out of a county job, Barney is Friends with Big Luther, Barney taunts the fact that his older sister was a Federal Judge, and that they are all tight with an assistant state attorney general who donated to Franklin's campaign. How many times have we heard Billable Barney and Franklin brag that they know people who are very important?  Now Franklin is trying to suck up to Jeff Sessions. Sessions have no clue what Franklin has been up to.  Trump wants to drain the swamp.  Not build the swamp.
So what are Franklin's latest story to the press and the very important people Franklin knows? The Lockhart's live on a Waco-type compound.  Who's going to believe that the Lockhart's live on a compound with 35 people and that the "compound" is equivalent to the Waco, Texas compound?  Hundreds of weapons, 30 some people ready to shoot their way out, come on Ana really?  Isn't that the way it always goes?  Shoot the messenger.  The Lockharts do have free range chickens that guard the property.  The only fighting there is which rooster is going to have his way with a prime hen.  A few dogs, an opossum or two that come up at night to eat the dog food.   

The biggest challenge for us is keeping Bones away from the dogs.
None of us in Morgan County wanted to believe that Franklin was anything other than incompetent.  Unfortunately, Franklin is way beyond incompetent. Franklin has spent several days in D.C. trying to save her sorry butt from prosecution.  If there is a God Franklin will be indicted for illegal conduct. 

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