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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Honor Among Thieves

The Ana gang has been at it again.  Ana, Bones, Robinson, and Whittle are hard at it.  Spending so much time at the SO digging and prodding at files, emails, and more working hard and desperately to find something to put someone involved with the whistleblowers in jail.  With best friends and partners Larry Berzett and Ron Livingston having so much to lose in all of this, will they use their professional Law Enforcement training and experience with their significant skills to stand behind the Sheriff and help her out of the mess they all are in?  We have not been working so hard and certainly not wasting county money on any of what we have come up with. We certainly are not on a desperate witch hunt.  This leads us to the next piece of the pie we have.

 The 5th Day of June 2015   Why didn't Ana go to the Chief Clerk for the money she needed?  It was a very nice payday for you here in Morgan County a year and two days before you ran over the two victims in Baldwin County and tried to cover it up.   Two checks from the jail inmate food fund.  One for $10,000 and the other for $150,000.  Who were these checks payable to?  And how did the $150,000 dollar check get into the hands of Ana's cousin who was running Title Marts? You think we know already, Ana?  Oh, yea you did not know your convicted felon cousin was running title marts.  Hmm, your boyfriend and co-investor at the time poor ole on the outs, Steven Ziaja and your daughter both worked with and for Steenson for quite some time and our Sheriff with your professional investigative skills did not know Greg Steenson was the owner/operator of the company and the one who deposited $150,000 of inmate food money in the Title Mart account.  You claimed that the money was yours from saving and the state retirement funds.  Did billable Barney overreact and provide a comment to the Decatur Daily, or were you and Billable Barney conducting your own spin on things.  We had been investigating the involvement you and Ziaja had with Steenson since May 2016.  We began blogging about our investigation in October 2016.   We seriously wonder if Greg Steenson knew or cared where the money came from. We are looking forward to further spins you will use to try and get out of trouble.  Does anyone remember the show Ana put on when she played the victim when cousin Greg was arrested and placed in jail for his involvement in Title Marts debacle?  More to come in regards to these checks and additional checks in the near future.  Is the inmate food fund now considered by Ana to be a supplemental retirement fund for her personal use that she can withdraw from as she sees fit?

 This is one of many issues Ana and her thugs who treat her like the queen bee and have backed her dirty work with dirty work of their own.  We have put this and so much more out there like the blatant criminal coercion it is. The Keylogger devices and coercion with an informant to illegally enter a business with Billable Barney Lovelace's blessing,  to steal documents so that they could later obtain a legal warrant with lies and deception using an innocent officer of the court, who also became a victim of circumstances.  The others within the circle of thugs have invested, bought, or sold vehicles through Title Marts, and so much more.  Ana have all your attempts and wasted man-hours come up with anything?  Are your claims of an ongoing investigation and pending criminal action just a stall tactic?  We know that all the time money and effort spent by you and those who stand with you have come up empty-handed.  We know, as we are sure you also know by now, you and your thugs arrogantly messed up royally.  Your antics will make news and your illegal endeavors will make history in the State of Alabama.  As will State Attorney General Luther Strange for his part in overlooking your corruption.  Big Luther has his sites on Governor.  Do we really need any more corruption in the State Capitol?

  Sometimes, the truth cannot be done away with.  Ana's efforts to eliminate the whistleblowers and to silence us have only gone to further prove how very corrupt she and her thugs are.  Pending criminal charges against your adversaries?  With everything being wrapped up in the computers and NOTHING there as you claimed I bet that was a big OH NO!  What's next Ana?

Our phones are ringing nonstop from all kinds of people from within the Sheriffs Office and beyond. More and more information is flowing around. And this has been the case for a long time.  The blog and the limited amount of information on it are not what should worry Ana and her co-conspirators.  Ana once again lied about open, honest, transparency in her office! Well, transparency is so much more wide open than she ever imagined even as she tries to hide or cover up her actions.

  Ana has your illegal, immoral, corrupt, fraud, waste, and abuse caught up with you?  Ana the whistleblowers have on a case by case basis introduced people to those who can make a difference.  I am sure it's not too late for you and your groupies to come in out of the cold.  Feel free to contact us, as always we are always willing to help anyone do the right thing.  Blake the Flake Robinson wants to take the FBI on in the Sheriff's Office steps for you.  Is that really what you want?  It's a little too late to do the right thing now.  It is too late for those limited folks who have so dreadfully and mistakenly followed Ana into the wicked web of deceit she is in.  This is certainly not for us as the whistleblowers to decide.            

 With the loss of Barney Lovelace, we are sure this complicated things a great deal.  It's pretty sad that so many of your high paid thugs can't be at work doing anything to assist this county with the criminal activity within the county because of their efforts to participate in and assist the criminal activity of the one who holds the title of Sheriff of Morgan County, Alabama.

Wonder what Ana will do now?  Will she keep trying to play the game and run off playing rodeo to get her favorite role as Sheriff kicked off being a wannabe rodeo queen?  For those of us, that know the truth Ana even gives rodeo a bad name where ever she goes.

  We wonder what the Media is waiting on?  It seems maybe the Decatur Daily just sits on what Sheriff Franklin tells them.  We had high hopes and believed in Wetzel now we do not see anything with his name on it in regards to the whistleblower, what a shame.  Are they partial to Ana through Barney who recently was removed from the mix due to his actions in all of this?  The Decatur Delay is going to play safe and behind what is going on instead of being ahead of the story.  We know however despite the silence of the media that this will soon work itself out and the Sheriffs Office will be a much different place from the disease that plagues it.  When that happens we have "No Comment" for the media.

  Maybe we can get Retired Judge Clemons to comment on the inmate food funds.  Sounds like something to start working on Monday morning, along with the other paperwork we have to file. Maybe not worth the time because this is all well documented.  Maybe we will sit down and dig a little.  It seems our efforts are much more productive in finding criminal actions than that of the Sheriff and her thugs.  To bad Ana and her thugs are the ones with the badges, for the short term anyway.  Maybe our time would be better spent looking further into who bought cars from Title Marts within the Sheriffs Office as well as their family and friends.  The more people who purchased vehicles from the Title Marts the more money Franklin, Ziaja, and Venegoni put in their pockets.  Maybe looking more into where the money Bones invested came from.  So many directions to go.    

 We enjoyed our limited time in civil court but our appearance in civil court may likely be delayed until June 2017, because of Franklin's "investigation".  The insurance companies will surely settle much of this with the absence of Ana and without her title of Sheriff.  There will likely be little or no further testimony from anyone on the civil side.  Wonder what impact it will have on the bankruptcy of Title Marts, the inmate food funds, and other money invested? Who will bail you out, Ana?

 Ana will likely be one of the co-defendants and will have the privilege of not having to testify against herself. Wonder who will testify that will surprise Ana other than Daniel Lockhart?  These are likely the only type of civil court actions left to go through unless she and her thugs settle and roll until there are no court actions other than hearing their guilty pleas and sentencing.

  Please stop the intentional fraud waste and abuse of this county's Sheriff's Office, it's various funds. and the abuse of its employees both past and present.

  Ana, isn't it time you try to help yourself and others to a small extent and simply resign?  For the others who helped do your dirty deeds can't you see the writing on the wall yet?  Ana and her false sense of immunity and misleading lies and spins cannot possibly protect her and others from knowingly and willfully committing the crimes that have occurred.  For those attempting to assist her in any way to cover up or continue to help her do her dirty work, do you not see that you are no longer operating within the boundaries of the thin blue line?

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