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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Google+ Morgan County Whistle Blower

Well! Hear we are again with a total of 1,202,237 views.  Thank you Morgan County for listening to our cries of outrage against a corrupt sheriff and her thugs.  There are a lot of thugs we haven't mentioned lately.  Of course you hear our complaints of sheriff Franklin daily but there is more than Franklin who need to be kept in mind.  Jail Administrator aka Acting Sheriff Larry Berzett, Contractor Labor over finance for the sheriffs office, and his wife Pam Berzett, Deputy Brian Goodwin, and wife Contractor Labor over the Commissary Dee Goodwin, Drug Task Farce Robert (Bones) Wilson & Mike Whittle, Special Victims Unit, Blake Robinson, Information Technology Specialist, Justin Powell, Alabama Law Enforcement Agent, Steven (Booger) Ziaja, Alabama Law Enforcement Agent, John Venegoni, and Deputy Chad Smith.

These people chose to follow a corrupt leader.  They chose to become a part of Sheriff Franklin's corruption. In the same manner that Attorney Billable Barney Lovelace chose to follow Franklin and make accusations that would later cause consequences he would have never expected.  These people believe they are above the law and that as long as they stick together nothing can stop them.  We forgot about one last thugamuffin.  Jennifer Judge Howell, who misused inmate labor to work at her home and to deny Ms. Kay Stevens a protection order multiple times.  The one last hope Kay had to try and save her life.  Why didn't Sheriff Franklin and Judge Howell listen to Kay Stevens cries for help?  One very good reason.  Roger Stevens was a very good friend of Sheriff Franklin.  After Roger Stevens killed Kay in cold blood in front of her bakery Franklin sat in a Semi Truck and sipped whiskey with Roger and promised to take him by to see his daddy before taking him to jail.  Franklin placed Stevens in the back of her county vehicle with no protective barrier and no hand cuffs.  For Franklin and Howell all you have to do to be their friend is to be a really bad guy or gal.

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