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Thursday, January 19, 2017

From One of Our Readers - Sounds Like Franklin Has Gotten Caught Up In Another Lie

Many of us knew that the sheriff was up to no good we just didn't know how dirty she was. My regret is the damage she caused us. I know you guys wrote about the accident in Bay Minetta.  Alot of us went to the SRO class in Orange Beach. I am telling you the truth the sheriff never stepped one foot in the door of our SRO training. You have the list of people who went from our county and other counties. Do not let her get a way with another lie. None of us will lie on the stand and say that she was in that class.  You had to be there on day one to sign in. None of us will lie for her on the stand. The only one who might be willing to lie for her is Livingston. You have to register the first day and you are not allowed to miss any of the class she was not there on day one. She flat out lied. Nobody even new that she had an accident until we got back.

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