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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Franklin’s attorney cites immunity to dismiss wreck lawsuit – The Decatur Daily Posted on January 14, 2017

Blogger Comments:  Meadowbrook Insurance is trying to gain immunity for Sheriff Ana Franklin who severely injured two Bay Minetta citizens in a wreck during the early morning hours of June 7, 2016. Franklin claims she was working in her capacity as sheriff of Morgan County Alabama and was in the area attending a School Resource Officer Training Course.  There is a list of people who attended the class that can and will testify to the fact that sheriff Ana Franklin was not signed up for that class, did not pay to attend the class, and was not registered for the class.  Franklin severely injured two citizens of Baldwin County, Alabama and she is willing to lie to the insurance company to try and save her butt. The citizens of Morgan County, Alabama are sick of Franklin's lies and deception.  Her total disregard for the citizens she injured while visiting her boyfriend Charlie Mcnichol, the 911 Director of Mobile County, Alabama is a disgrace.  Several documents, employees, past and present employees will verify to the fact that Sheriff Ana Franklin lied about being registered and attending the SRO class beginning on June 6, 2016.  
Keep up the lies Franklin because we will prove yet again that you are a liar.
McNeill said in the dismissal motion that a sheriff’s duties spelled out in the state code include working with other law officials toward common law enforcement goals and to curtail crime. He said Franklin was fulfilling duties of those types by attending the conference.
McNeill said in the motion that the case should be dismissed because Alabama sheriffs have immunity from civil lawsuits as long as they are acting within the line and scope of their duties.
“During the course of the week, while in Gulf Shores, I communicated regularly with my office about the schedule, as well as normal duties of the office, and I was made aware of meetings and events that needed to be attended to by me,” Franklin said in the affidavit. “I instructed my assistant to schedule these meetings throughout the week, and I would return early and attend to them, as some of them were time sensitive.”
“If we didn’t think she wasn’t acting within the line and scope of her duties in the first place, we wouldn’t have filed the lawsuit,” Bethea said.
Bethea said the case wouldn’t move into settlement talks or mediation until after Baldwin County Circuit Court Judge Jody Bishop rules on McNeill’s motion.
The couple filed a lawsuit against Franklin in Baldwin County on Sept. 14 asking for an unspecified amount of compensation for the injuries and damages they sustained due to Franklin’s alleged negligence and recklessness, court records show.
“Visiting such conferences allows Sheriff Franklin to network with other law enforcement officers and to stay current on safety and security issues that face Alabama public schools, as well as issues concerning interagency partnerships,” McNeill said in the motion.

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