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Monday, January 30, 2017

Franklin - Leon Bradley Will Be Arrested ?????

  Ana, why do you keep telling people that Leon Bradley is going to be arrested?  Every employee who works for you knows what you are trying to do.  It sounds like you are so desperate that you think if you can get an arrest you can change public opinion and get the heat off of yourself for taking inmate food funds or doing business with your cousin Greg Steenson with Sheriff's Office assets.  Ana, would you like to explain all the assets used?  Are you trying to intimidate Bradley and the others with your threats?  Leon Bradley is a very good person.  Instead of intimidation and empty threats, why don't you do something?  No matter what you do to Bradley or others involved in this, you will be the one with egg on your face.

  Why don't you explain to the public why you tried to keep the inmate food bills down to $2,000.00 per week or less with Halsey.  Yet, when your son-in-law Derek Sheats went to work as a local representative for a new food service company you dropped Halsey like a hot potato and transferred your food account to the company Sheats worked for.  At the same time maybe you can explain how your food bills spiked to between $7,000.00 and $8,000.00 per week.  

  Are there records that show what foods you purchased since what we hear from the inmates and their families that you are serving eggs w/toast in the morning, with no meat, or oatmeal w/no meat, or grits with no meat.  We were told that the standard lunch is soup and a sandwich.  We were told that you believe eggs are considered a meat.  Do you consider Ketchup as a vegetable as well?  We also heard that you do not like food funds being spent on beef because pork is much cheaper.  How do you accommodate the inmates that for religious purposes do not eat pork?

  Were checks written directly to the new company for $7,000.00 to $8,000.00 dollars? Why are the inmates complaining if food service has spiked from approximately 2K to 7K or 8K per week?

  Ana, does it seem to all be closing in?  We have several other big discoveries to share in the very near future.  We space them out and wait for the right timing on some of this.  New and more audiences developing daily.  More soon to come.  

  Ana, if it was your personal accounts, why did you try so hard to hide how you removed the money?    Is it because you ran saying you would never touch these monies and you would be the most transparent Sheriff ever?   The blinders are coming off more people every day and even still, other than cousin Greg Steenson, no arrest yet.   

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