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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Franklin and Her Thugs Behind Closed Doors

Sheriff Franklin and her thugs have turned Morgan County upside down.  Franklin has been held up in her office and local eatery's for the past two weeks, at county expense no doubt.  Franklin has three current lawsuits, she lost Billable Barney in litigation cases, the support of the county, and the elected officials that she has successfully manipulated during her two terms in office.  Don't worry, Franklin; you still have Judge Howell.  Two peas in a pod.

So why has Franklin, Bones, Billy Bad Butt Blake Robinson, and who knows who else been behind closed doors?  Is it because the private company Marshall County Information Technology Group finished their investigation and she has nothing to work with?  Is it because she is placing each of her employees under the microscope to try and find out who's talking?  What ever the reason, Franklin and Lovelace should put their money where their mouth is.  In other words put up or shut up.

Ana's coming! Run for the hills boys!

Franklin has intimidated a lot of employees, citizens, individuals involved in Federal Lawsuits, posse members, deputies, reserve deputies, and more.  It's over, Franklin. Is it time for you to resign? Nobody is scared or worried about you anymore.  Sure you have a few groupies and mindless followers, maybe they will be willing to follow you to jail.  Most likely some of them will.

Franklin has at least three lawsuits ongoing.  One of the suits is in regards to her reckless behavior that injured two innocent people.  The insurance company wants to claim immunity?  What a darn shame when you know a sheriff is as guilty as it can be and you want to fight for immunity.  Franklin has been as tough as Teflon Coating.  Once the Teflon was gone, all Franklin has is an external surface that everything sticks to.  Another Federal Lawsuit Franklin is involved in pertains to a dead inmate.  How do you ignore the sick, the mentally ill, and inmates' needs for medication?  Go ask Ana.  I am sure this will be another immunity case for the insurance company.  Or maybe they will get the case dismissed after Franklin and Billable Barney set an informant in an office to gain access to the files.  More Teflon coating just rolled away.  Franklin, Billable Barney, Bones Wilson, and Billy Flake Blake Robinson met with an informant and conspired, planned, and paid the informant to go into his grandmother's office and collect documents.  Explaining what to look for to include HIPPA documents.  Just to add a little spice to the conspiracy Franklin, Bones, Robinson, and Justin Powell and Barney Lovelace wanted more.  They hired and paid their informant to place keylogger software  on the whistleblower computer.  Let's not forget that all of this was done prior to a search warrant.  The Teflon keeps rolling off.  Now the whistleblower has filed a Federal Lawsuit.  Can you imagine that?  More Teflon just slid down the side of Franklin's pants.

Billable Barney is running his mouth all over town.  His cryptic messages, his admittance to being in on the conversations and closed door presence with an informant to raid an office to obtain information so that the sheriff has reason to bust down the whistleblowers doors, take all of the computers, boxes of hard copy information that did not pertain to the sheriffs office and information pertaining to an ongoing Federal Lawsuit.  More Teflon just slide down Franklin's pants leg.  Whoops! Some of the Teflon has now gotten on Billable Barney's hands.  Has Barney had some of that magical immunity potion also?

Franklin may arrest one or more of us?  Especially since she claims to have Big Luther Strange wrapped around her little finger.  Big Luther does realize that we sent and hand delivered multiple files regarding Franklin to Agent Windham a special investigator for his office.  What happened to those files.  If you listen to Franklin brag, complaints went into file 13.  So! What is File 13?

Who suffers for Franklin's ignorance, irresponsibility, illegal behavior, and dereliction of duty?  The citizens, the elected officials, all county employees, the county insurance premiums, the inmates, the sheriff's office employees, the sheriffs staff, the Republican Party for our area, the citizens, and those Franklin seriously injured hurt in a wreck that she caused, who's only goal was to make it to the factory they have worked in for 40 years.  Immunity! Yea Right.  Every citizen needs this kind of immunity when they cause a wreck. What kind of state system do we have in place that elected officials are not held accountable for their actions?

Since Barney has been removed from any further representation of the Sheriff's Office involving this, has he also been removed from further representation of other county business?  Who will represent the Sheriff now?  Is it someone else from the same firm Barney Lovelace is a managing partner of?  Who will represent Barney for his involvement when the time comes?

And now the push for the famed Rodeo comes again.  What ever employees she will con into shaking down business owners and others to give the Sheriffs Office thousands of dollars, I hope they and the people they shake down realize the money goes not to the Deputies or the equipment they need to perform their jobs but instead for the wannabe rodeo queen Sheriff and side kicks, to run all over the country playing cow girl with her chosen few, or laying up at the beach for weeks on end.  With so much money and assets being wasted and misused we would be surprised if as much money would be raised this time. It is a shame as if it were used as advertised it would be beneficial to all. Time for the Rodeo Dance to come to an end and be a Law Enforcement Agency protecting and serving the public?   The Special Needs Rodeo has been a spectacular thing for those children and others, to bad the motives behind it was not.  We wonder if Ana will even be here as the one holding the title of Sheriff long enough to see the rodeo.  Will she be free to see the rest of the bankruptcy hearings for her company she was part owner of and invested Sheriffs Office funds and assets into, or up coming civil cases concerning all this? We are pretty certain we know the answer to that also.  Hang on a little longer guys and gals this Rodeo of a Sheriff is almost over!  We are waiting for her to sing the jail house blues.

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