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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Each day we find out new things about our sheriff.  Sheriff Franklin do you really think that the Lockhart's homes behind an electronic gate are something like the Waco, Texas compound?  Really Ana?  Only a complete idiot is going to believe that story.  Yes! Ana the Lockhart's have three homes behind an electronic gate.  You could call it a compound.  It certainly isn't anything that may be portrayed as an anti-government or Waco, Texas facility. It's a very nice place.  Have you lost it?  You had your informant break into the Lockhart's office. He then recorded video, copied, and took pictures of information both in their office and at their home. You had  HIPAA documents pertaining to an ongoing Federal Lawsuit against the Sheriff's Office copied.  Here is how you did it. Daniel called Blake when he found the HIPAA documents, Blake called you and you told Blake you needed the documents.  Don't lie Ana it is all on phone records.  Then you had Daniel find the Bible Verse that was used in a Blog, take it to the Lockhart's home and take pictures of it, in front of family photos in the home.  This proved for you that the Bible Verse you knew came from Glenda Lockhart's Office was in Daniel's possession and he was actually where you instructed him to be when you told him to.  Guilty as charged.  You have not yet been charged with paying your informant for breaking into the Lockhart's office and home, stealing information, and placing Keylogger devices on the computers.  The Keylogger software was on the computers for approximately 9 days before you obtained a warrant to search the office.  You used the HIPAA documents you illegally obtained as a justification to obtain a warrant.  Since you had your informant go through the computer and make copies of emails and other documents you knew that Glenda worked for the attorney who filed the Federal Lawsuit against you that involved the HIPAA documents.  We bet you didn't tell Judge Thompson about that now did ya?  Did you make it look like Warden Bradley sent this HIPAA information to the Lockharts? The Lockharts do not live on a Waco type compound, with their background of service to this country they are certainly not anti-government.  We wanted to provide a little education and training in this blog so we provided you with the definition of a compound.  Though we are definitely not the Kennedy's they are the Lockhart's, prior military, federal employees, and DoD contractors. Ana, before you further try to make people believe anything adversely of the Lockharts, please figure out who they really are. We understand your need to discredit the whistleblowers in any way but it is all in vain at this point.

Compound when applied to a human habitat refers to a cluster of buildings in an enclosure, having a shared or associated purpose, such as the houses of an extended family (e.g. the Kennedy Compound for the Kennedy family).

Compound (enclosure) - Wikipedia

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