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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dumb and Dumber Run the Morgan County Sheriff's Office

Blogger Comment: There seems to be a disconnect within the Morgan County Sheriff's Office over who should receive priority body cameras.  Would it be the court house security and jailers?  If so why?  The deputies have been looking for dash cameras and body cameras for six years.  They are our first line of defense.  In the line of duty they are placed in dangerous places on a daily basis yet they do not warrant dash cameras and body cameras.  We have incompetent leadership in the Morgan County Sheriff's Office and a Commander in Chief that is only present with the media cameras are turned on.  
  This is how stupid the sheriffs office is ran. Cameras were bought by Berzett (body cameras) for courthouse security and some jailers but none for patrol. This sheriff does NOT have her priorities straight. Patrol deputies are where the hazards and dangers are and should not take a back seat to courthouse security. Who runs that place and makes these decisions? The jailers and courthouse security guys and gals have many witnesses of many different kinds all around. Almost the entire jail is covered by in house surveillance cameras.  With the road deputies it could be the only other witness and provide invaluable evidence.  In many cases across this nation it has been invaluable in identifying and leading to the capture of perpetrators of felonious assault on officers. Oh yes we keep forgetting despite the enormous budget Ana has and all the money earned by the rodeo there is no money left over from Ana's nation wide travels, rodeo fun across the nation and her getaways with her latest man.     

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