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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Does the Rodeo Go On?

  So, much sad and unbelievable change in the past months!  There was so much discovered and uncovered by this blog and all those who have helped so much.

  Of all the things we have learned about, many we have been able to discuss here.  Some things have been to valuable and we have not been able to put on the blog.  We can only imagine what those who can make a difference and have the resources we do not, have discovered.  

  The Sheriffs Office has drastically changed since Ana was given the title of Sheriff.  All the fraud, waste, and abuse and other illegal activity that has gone on is almost unbelievable and for some they still do not believe.

  This will soon change as the inevitable unfolds.  It is all sad in so many ways. Many of the good employees have left because of the corruption, been forced out, or otherwise left or retired when they would not have otherwise.  There are fewer and fewer of the long time professional employees left.

  The vast majority of employees are completely feed up with and embarrassed by the Sheriff and her thugs.  We have said many times over that the vast majority of the employees are on the right side of this and have done the right thing.  It has been very hard for them to do this as they obviously and justifiably fear for their jobs.  This has begun to subside as it becomes clear that this will soon end. She is quickly becoming powerless to do anything.  She has repeatedly said that there was ongoing investigations concerning those involved.  Well, they can try to use that lame excuse if they wish but it won't matter much longer and still no one has been arrested as the Sheriff has repeatedly said possible criminal charges are pending.  We know we have likely been investigated but those who are capable of a real investigation are no longer looking at us.  We are not the reason they are involved and continue to be.  Her attempts to rid the Sheriffs Office of those who would stand for what is right and assist or become the Whistleblowers have only further proven our point and empowered the Whistblowers, while exposing the truth.

  This leads us to one of the wanna be Sheriff Rodeo Queen's bread and butter events.  The Special Needs Rodeo has been an incredible thing for so many.  Those who attend, and the experiences for those who have worked these events have been a privilege and rewarding experience to show these special needs people a great time.  We are so saddened behind the real motive and spin the Sheriff has put on this.  Please realize that the funds that were supposed to support the Sheriffs Office from the Rodeo has not gone to the ones who have truly worked and devoted themselves to protecting and serving this county or the equipment they have to do so.

  The employees and many others, all wonder how much longer this will all last but do understand the reasons it has taken as long as it has with the vast extent of the wrong doing that has to be dealt with and all the persons and other evidence involved.  Many understand but it is understandable as patience is increasingly growing thin.

  Most of us wonder if the Sheriff will even be here for the upcoming Rodeo.  We want all the individuals and companies who have been so very giving in the past to realize the truth about the rodeo and all the many thousands and thousands of dollars raised for it, not to mention all the profit from the ticket sales.   We are sure the Sheriff will spin all of this but will not ever be as open, honest, and transparent as she said when she ran for Sheriff.

  We can also say that by far the vast majority of the employees do not like or want to sell the Rodeo Ads in which they are forced to sell, especially now with everything going on.  We strongly encourage everyone to think long and hard about the hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in fraud waste and abuse that has occurred with Ana Franklin and her thugs before giving them even more money to waste.  The rodeo was a great event on so many levels if it was used as advertised and for the true benefit of everyone involved.  Clearly Ana's all to familiar spin on this was believed for way to long.

  Does the general public realize that only a few of her chosen few are paid and paid extraordinarily well to work the rodeo and that almost every other employee is forced to be there without pay?  If this had not become a means to support Ana and her band of thugs, padding their own pockets and travel the country playing Rodeo Queens it would be one thing!                        
  We believe much of this will likely not make a difference in that it is highly unlikely Ana and her thugs will be here, and the Rodeo actually occurring this year is questionable at best.  

  We want our Sheriff's Office back.  We want for it to be a professional law enforcement agency able to perform to its fullest extent again without all the corruption.      

  We know many have left and many more are trying to leave.  It is a long hard process for Deputies or anyone to find and acquire law enforcement jobs.  Hang on guys and gals this Rodeo is almost over and we will all soon be able to recover from all of this very unfortunate period that has become what it has under the one who holds the title of Sheriff, Ana Franklin.  We need all the good, dedicated, professional, moral, ethical, and courageous employees we can to stay to help those who will be in charge to brig the Sheriffs Office back in line.  

  For the citizens we know it is harder for you to know and see the truth than it is for all those we work with on the inside of the Sheriffs Office and more, along with those who have become victim to the corruption.  Soon, it will become little more than a memory and an unfortunate black eye for this county.  It seems highly likely that those who will be held accountable are more than just those several folks involved within the Sheriff's Office.  Time will soon tell.    

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