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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Corrected - Franklin Writes Checks on The Inmate Food Funds - The Beginning of The End

We received the following information from an anonymous source.  We will try to walk you through the pictures of the checks and deposit slips step by step to assist you in understanding how Franklin transferred funds from the Inmate Food Fund to invest in Priceville Partners LLC.  Please scroll down the blog to view all three exhibits.

Exhibit #1 is the Counter Checks that Ana Woodard Franklin wrote on the Inmate Food Fund Account.  The first two checks were for Counter Checks as is reflected on the bottom left-hand corner of the checks.  The 3rd check is an actual MCSO check written on the Inmate Food Account.

The 3rd check is an actual check written on the Inmate Food Checking Account.  The account number is 70022933.

Exhibit # 2 is the cashiers check for $150,000.00 payable to Ana Woodard Franklin.  The second page reflects Franklin's endorsement over to Priceville Partners LLC.

Exhibit # 3 is the deposit slip dated June 8, 2015, when the check was deposited by Priceville Partners LLC

These checks and deposit slip are proof that Sheriff Ana Woodard Franklin used Inmate Food Funds to invest in Priceville Partners LLC aka Performance Auto Sales aka Title Marts for her own personal gain.


  1. Wonder if all taxes were paid on this income ?

  2. Ana, you have said there is pending criminal action against those involved with this blog. We have often said stay tuned as there is more yet to come. We produced some of our more yet to come and have even more still to come. When you and those closest to you do all you can to cover up your actions like the attempting to hide how and where you got the money you invested into the Title Marts how can such dishonest persons get any warrants for anyone? So you want to tell everyone that you got this from your retirement again? Computer Tampering by Glenda Lockhart and / or Warden Bradley? We think keylogger proved you were the only one guilty of computer tampering. Those lies did not pan out for you either did they? Keep on with your false claims of HIPAA violations? We have been waiting for what is next. Ana you think it is time you and those you brought in with you resign along with those who helped and continue to try to help you out of this some how? You said we were causing problems for the Sheriffs Office. How about we are causing problems for you and those who are as corrupt as you within the Sheriffs Office while you do your best to destroy it and anyone who stands in your way. Ana you and your litlle band of thugs have wasted how much time, money and resources as you use them to try to cover up your actions and pad your own pockets? The big question is simply when at this point will you and your band of thugs feel those handcuffs yourselves. We all are waiting and as we have said for a while the time is only getting closer. Keep deleting emails and trying to cover your tracks, it simply proves your guilt that much more. For the doubters out there, we do not hold grudges.

    P.S. 42 do you have another number you might like?

  3. Ana,if you can invest $150,000 of Sheriffs Office inmate food money into your personal buisness venture why do you have the need to solicit money from other businesses for your rodeo to further pad your pocket?

  4. With as many lies as Ana has been caught in time and time again and with the insurance companies doing all they can to minimize their exposure and loss, would it not just be easier and more cost effective just to admit defeat. With all these lies being proven what more will we have to do to assist those Ana victimizes? As for the Halls who Ana ran over and seriously injured only to turn around and claim immunity because of an SRO conference she claims to be in, what will happen? She is going to have to admit that to is a lie and come up with something better than that. We will let that lie stew a little also before we prove it also to be a lie. Ana you are making this all to easy. I know it wont be easy for you but you think it is time you start being honest? Your actions are hanging you out to dry. Your actions are that which has crippled the Sheriffs Office ability to safely, effectively, and honorably operate. Wonder if Ron Livingston will again lie to try to help cover your tracks when he is officially asked about the conference? Won't matter what he says other than to see if he will be truthful.

  5. Ana, you being the all knowing high sheriff I am sure you know it is a misdemeanor crime to not turn in your economic intrest forms. You did finally turn in your economic intrest forms after some friendly encouragement from us. I am also sure you are aware it would be a felony crime to intentionally and fraudulently file this form, right? Since you did not pay taxes on these income funds from the inmate food fund invested in your company or file them as income on your economic intrest forms, would that be another example of fraud waste and abuse? Would it be a tax fraud issue? Would this maybe be yet another ethics violation? Maybe all of the above and more? What was claimed by you in bankruptcy concerning these funds? Maybe the guys that are in a similar boat with you like Bones Wilson or Blake Robinson may want to answer up? Berzett or Livingston wonder what you might have to say about all of this? Having knowledge of such things and taking no action you think may lead to actions being taken against you? Surely a fancy Jail Administrator with all that knowledge under that cowboy hat would not be completely clueless of such things right? What about a fabricated Captain like Livingston? Surely, you have a little knowledge of the fleet of cars you manage, right? Hmmmmmm more work to do! Or has someone already done it?

  6. The falkville police is just as bad

  7. Anonymous. Everyone knows about falkville. Everything about that town is horrible espically the police. The sad part is that its been brought to attention several times

    1. I wish the whistle blower would look at them also.