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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Comment from one of our avid readers

Blogger Comments:

We apologize Ms. Lee if we have offended you.  You are one of a few of her rodeo groupies that has paid their own way.  Unfortunately, most of the money, horse blankets, saddles, and other horse tack has come out of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office various funds.  We are suspicious of most things Franklin is involved in since she uses Morgan County funds as if they are her own.  It is a shame that the county has been paying for all of the horse gear, gowns, and benefits for so many people who get involved in the rodeos.  We are sure you purchased all of the equipment yourself.  

From Ms. Cynthia Lee.  

You guys need to get better confirmation before you post things and describe them. My daughter, Mary Ashley, took these pictures and did the post as the Morgan County Sheriff's Rodeo Queen and keeping the page up. Those are from her white truck as WE, not Ana was on our way to compete that WE paid for in our OWN vehicle. That picture of us eating was in Decatur. Last time I checked, is not a crime to eat in the county you work in. Please stop assuming and find out true facts before trying to stir up more frustration. 

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