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Sunday, January 22, 2017

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You can't play stupid Anna just because you stole the money remember your campaign promises you won't embarrass the county you will have an open door policy disclosure of all of your accounts and expenditures let's just say you lied then and you're a liar now I seem to remember that you asked the County Commission right after you became sheriff about that money and they told you this is awesome😄

Blogger comment:  Ana what you did was wrong. Pay the money back. Show you have some ethical values.  This is a very sad day for our County.


  1. My sincere "thank you",to The Morgan County Whistle Blower.Your determination, and devotion,to the exposure,of the corrupt,Morgan County sheriff,Ana Franklin,and her band of thugs,is appreciated,more than words,can express.May God bless you,and may you stay well,so that,all of you,can see this,to the obvious conclusion.Hopefully,her supporters,will take off,their rose colored glasses,and see her,for what she is.However,some people,will support her,no matter what,as they live,in ignorant bliss.Sincerely,Cil Bailey

  2. The Sheriff has always tried to pick and choose the rules and laws to her favor. Even when dealing with cases. She like the lime light and looking good. But can say she is going by alabama law but then claim she is immune. She has mistreated alot of people in many different ways.

  3. I also find it strange that there is a man in Morgan County Named Tom Campbell that goes around telling people that he delivered marijuana to people that are elderly and sick with the approval of Anna Franklin.