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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Blake and Bones Obtains Access to Powell's Office and Lock Him Out

We hear that last week Blake Robinson and Bones Wilson gained access to the office of Justin Powell, the new Information Technology Specialist.  Our sources tell us that they denied entry to Justin Powell.  No known connection but we also heard that a message went out to all employees telling them to delete all of their old emails because the email server was almost at full capacity.  We hope that the MCSO employees did not believe this BS.  Here is how it works.  The sheriff's office manages their own IT email server.  All emails come into that server that distributes them to the office computers, Lap Tops, Tablets, and other devices.  Employee's CPUs and other devices they receive their emails on has nothing to do with the server.  Once the emails are delivered the employees have their emails and the email also remains on the server.  If the email server has reached full capacity it would not be noticeable to the employees.  The Information Technology Specialist would do one or more things to resolve the issues with the email server.  He may backup, remove, and store the email hard drive that has reached full capacity, or he may remove the hard drive and replace it with a new one, storing the full hard drive using the beginning and ending date of use.  This process would be seamless and no employee would know that the email server had been backed up and replaced.  This makes me very suspicious that something more nefarious was going on.  Could it be that you were asked to destroy evidence?  The information on your computer, laptop or other device does not belong to you as the user of the information.  There was no logical reason for you to be asked to delete all emails from your computers.  Just remember that even though you deleted the emails as you were directed to do, the information is still there.  Please ensure that if someone from the sheriffs office requests to wipe the free space on your equipment that you get the request in writing.  The information on your computer and the MCSO computers and equipment is Government information.

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