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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Behind Closed Door

We had some questions from some of our readers.  One of the questions is as follows:

Has Sheriff Franklin interviewed Leon Bradley or Glenda Lockhart in her criminal investigation?

Blogger Comments:  

I spoke to both Bradley and Lockhart yesterday.  Both say they have not been interviewed or contacted by Sheriff Franklin.  Is this a delay tactic Franklin is using to delay the Federal lawsuit until June?  We believe it is.  Remember that Sheriff Franklin made two copies of the hard drives she sent to Marshall County before she released them.  Sheriff Franklin had the hard drives for over two weeks before she transferred them to Marshall County.  Why did Sheriff Franklin make copies of the hard drives before she sent them for an outside source to conduct forensics on them?  Sounds like she did not trust and outside source to find what she wanted them to find.  Did she remove the Keylogger software off the hard drives before she sent them out for analysis?  Didn't Justin Powell admit within the sheriffs office that they discussed getting into the hard drive where Lockhart's financial data resides?  The answer is yes.  Justin Powell also admitted to sheriffs office personnel that had made copies of the hard drives.  Doesn't that compromise the hard drives?

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