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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Baldwin County Judge Rules Franklin has hearing on March 21st in Immunity claim for Civil Case - Decatur Daily Below as Well

Franklin is having a hard week.  The Halls will have their day in court and Sheriff Ana Franklin was not voted in as Sheriff of The Year.  The Sheriff of The Year title goes to Mike Blakely, Limestone County, Alabama.  Listening to the news on Channel 48 News early this morning I learned that Sheriff Ana Franklin's case is set for a hearing on March 21 at 9 am in the civil case in Baldwin County.  She may not be so lucky in court since many of the people who know she lied will stand up and tell the truth.  Franklin outright lied when she claims that she was in an SRO training class.  She was not in that class. When the case goes forward, the Hall's will be able to prove their case.  While in SRO training Livingston tried to use the Morgan County Sheriffs Office credit card and it was declined. Livingston also told the employees from Morgan County that if anything came up it was to go through him first because the sheriff was on vacation, and did not want to be bothered.  Upon returning from the beach Livingston told the SRO's in a meeting that Franklin had a wreck in her vehicle.  He said the paperwork for the expense was on his desk.  

What kind of sheriff or person with any sense of legal and/or ethical obligation would outright lie to the public? Franklin would and did as we have proven over and over again.  Franklin is about winning regardless of what it takes. Franklin vacationed in and around Orange Beach and Mobile on taxpayer dollars for a month claiming she was in training.  Oh! she may have been signed up for some class or other it definitely was not the SRO training class.  When is all of the excess spending going to end?

This blog is not about hatred of the sheriff.  Our goal is to expose the corruption at the top of the food chain in the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.  Franklin got rid of most of the staff in the sheriff's office and quickly appointed people that could help her succeed in ripping off the citizens, the county, state, and federal government.  She has plenty of help and the posse made it easy as well.  Larry Berzett with all of his arrogance had no problem picking up a wad. 

Couple in wreck with Morgan sheriff oppose dismissal of lawsuit

  • By Keith Clines Staff Writer
  • Updated 

The lawyer for a Baldwin County couple injured in a traffic accident involving Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin said in a court filing that the judge should not dismiss the couple’s lawsuit against Franklin until he has more time to gather information.
Britt Bethea, a Mobile lawyer representing Hubbard and Martha Hall, filed an objection Friday to a motion by Franklin’s attorney to dismiss the case. The motion argued Franklin is granted immunity by the state Constitution.
Bethea said the Halls have issued or plan to issue subpoenas to other parties, such as the state trooper who investigated the wreck and Baldwin County 911, to gather information about the June 7 wreck near Bay Minette in Baldwin County. Franklin has not responded to requests for more information, Bethea said in the filing.
“Due to the infancy of this case, the Halls cannot currently present facts essential to justify their opposition to the defendant’s motion to dismiss,” Bethea said.
Randall McNeill, a Montgomery attorney for the county’s liability insurance carrier, recently asked that the civil lawsuit be dismissed because Franklin and other sheriffs in the state are granted immunity from civil lawsuits as long as they are acting within the line and scope of their duties.
McNeill said Franklin’s absolute state immunity “is straightforward and well settled. The Alabama Constitution of 1901 prohibits suits against the state.”
Franklin was acting within the scope of her duties when she was returning from an Alabama School Resource Officers Conference in Gulf Shores, McNeill said.
Bethea said Franklin was not acting within the line and scope of her duties when the wreck happened.
Baldwin County Circuit Court Judge Jody Bishop set a hearing on Franklin's motion for March 21 at 9 a.m. at the Baldwin County Courthouse in Bay Minette.
The Halls were injured when Franklin pulled in front of the couple’s car on Alabama 287 just south of the Interstate 65 interchange, according to a state trooper’s accident report.
The couple filed a lawsuit against Franklin on Sept. 14 asking for an unspecified amount of compensation for the injuries and damages they sustained due to Franklin’s alleged negligence and recklessness, court records show.
Hubbard Hall, 64, received a broken nose and injured his ribs and back in the wreck, according to the lawsuit. Martha Hall, 61, suffered a broken sternum, broken hip and had teeth knocked out, the lawsuit said.
Franklin, 52, was traveling alone in her county-owned 2011 Ford Expedition, according to the accident report. Hubbard Hall was driving a 2016 Toyota Corolla. or 256-340-2438. Twitter @DD_KeithClines.

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  1. I think in her first term as Sheriff her and her deputies were trying to do what was right and enforce the laws of Morgan County. Now In her last term; They are on (Cruise Control.)