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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Ana and Barney in Spin City

My goodness and thank you for putting Ana and Barney in their place. They sicken me with there corruption. Keep up Ana and Barney are trying to spin you guys again. I wanted to let you know that the state food bill has money that is taxed under the sheriff social security number it is called the sheriff's office allowance. Once the money is part of the states food bill it rarely is exceeds $500, it has always been in the arrange of $200 - $500. Ana is just trying to claim that is the account that is on the blog because she is tedious that she has been exposed. There is no way they could have written a check to Halsey for that amount of money on that account, so that's not the private account. I believe they want you to think that it is the account so that you will take the blog down. The public needs to know. Barney is telling the truth on some very small level. A small portion of the money does go in a private allowance in her account with her social security number on it, and Ana has to pay taxes on it, but she is not allowed to touch that money either, and that money was addressed in the federal judge's order. Now everybody knows the truth.

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