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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Alabama Sheriffs Association

In case you are wondering where Sheriff Ana Franklin is this week we are happy to share with you that the Sheriff is attending the Alabama Sheriffs Association Meeting in Montgomery.

Franklin is desperately trying to find a way out of the mess she has gotten herself into.  Franklin does not realize that the citizens of Morgan County are fed up with her fraud, waste, and abuse.

Getting back to inmates Franklin has done far more with inmates than just the food funds.  She has used inmates at her home for cleanup and upgrading her house.

We reported the use of an inmate Franklin used at her home.  We reported the fraud, waste, and abuse to the proper authorities.  The inmates are scared to death.  They realize that Franklin has the ability to make things tough on them.  These are current and prior inmates.  Many of the current inmates are scared to death of Bones Wilson who is one of Ana's thugs, and his wife Jodi King Wilson who is an Alabama Probation and Parole Specialist, and Blake the Flake Robinson.  Jodi King Wilson is notorious for being under the thumb of Sheriff Ana Franklin.  One instance stands out in the minds of Morgan County citizens.  Jodi King Wilson and Steven Ziaja an Alabama Law Law Enforcement Officer was so intent on getting an inmate that they promised him he would be in jail for a very long time.  Jodi King denied him bond and claimed that a judge in Shelby county denied bond.  Jodi King Wilson went so far as to contact an Alabama State Corrections Office had coordinated the effort with her.  Once the incident was discovered Petra Wade was removed from the Shelby County Corrections office. The incident was significant and members of the Morgan County Jail still remember the incident.  In addition, we get reports that Jodi King Wilson is somewhat harsh in her attitude towards some who are on probation.  Time will tell if that is still the case.  There is an individual who is being transferred to the Morgan County Probation Office.  He has been on Probation in Cullman County for three years with no incidents of bad conduct in the system, his drug screens have always been negative, and he is in compliance.  How will Jodi King Wilson treat this man who has a 4th-grade mentality, and can not read or right?

An inmates punishment is being in jail.  They are not there to be starved, illegally tazed by untrained or undertrained corrections officers trained by Larry Berzett, and they are not there to be beaten while being chained to a jail cell.  Larry Berzett has made his opinion of inmates well know by remarks such as Warden Bradley is to compassionate to the inmates or the comments that "well they are just inmates".  We hope someday the shoe is on the other foot for Berzett.  At the same time, people on state-required probation and color code who comply with the state's requirements should not be targeted.  Take the time to go back and research the blog for Stephanie Cook.

Time will tell how Jodi King Wilson treats an individual how King treats individuals known to us. Franklin's thugs will stand by her and do her and will blame others when she, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, Steven Ziaja, Larry Berzett, Ron Livingston and others go down for their corruption.

Each of the thugs and thugamuffins who stand behind and with Franklin may soon see the shoe on the other foot.  You do not need to set people up with crimes, send informants to and into peoples homes and cause a disruption so that they may invade peoples homes.

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