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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Acting Sheriff Cowboy Larry Berzett and Ron Livingston

  We wonder how things are going for Larry while running the show in Ana's frequent absences?  What about the almost all new jail staff and no real training by the Sheriffs Office made Larry so mad?   The training and current qualifications of the jail staff have severely suffered because of all the corruption.  The jail is nowhere close to having the experienced and trained manpower needed to open the new jail safely.

  The turnover rate and lack of hiring, training, and recruiting of new quality employees have certainly hurt the Sheriff's Office.  The inability of this administration to retain quality, experienced, and devoted employees has also plagued the Sheriff's Office.  The fact that all the corruption and pocket padding has occurred along with the absurd power struggles, certainly has not helped.  All the audits and other heat coming down won't help either.  There is much to come still before the Sheriff's Office can recover from the damage this administration has done.  

  Many issues like Ron Livingston double dipping and skimming off so much money from events is similar to the rest of the folks taking advantage of the County and the Sheriff's Office while those who actually work and keep the Sheriff's Office running live well below the poverty level.  Ask the fair committee why the Sheriff's Office no longer works the fair grounds.

  So, while all these problems are occurring, the ship is on fire and sinking, where is the person who holds the title of Sheriff ?

  It is clear Livingston and Berzett, with their two peas in a pod power struggles, can't handle it in the absence of a Sheriff.   Unfortunately, the one who holds that title is so busy trying to cover her tracks she can't lead either.  Is she so fed up with it all, she is not going to work again, taking another vacation on the taxpayers of our county?    

  Larry gets mad about us talking about the fact that much of his staff (through no fault of their own) is under trained with little experience?  Why did he not get mad when we discussed the fact he was picking up cash from the proceeds of the rodeo and walking away as he stuffed his pocket?

  Ana, Bones Wilson, and Blake Robinson are at the front line of many of the problems for the Sheriffs Office.  The problems are certainly not limited to only them.  Much of this will all be resolved as the pending arrest, as Barney and Ana like to say, actually happen.
  Sheriff's Offices and their funds are not for individual get rich schemes or to be used to make a few have an extreme amount of money in overtime, while allowing most employees no overtime.  The Sheriff's Office is not a rodeo and it's Sheriff is not in anyway benefiting  the Sheriff's Office, the courts, the inmates, its employees, or the citizens who voted her in by running all over the country and not fullfilling her duties.  This is also true of a jail administrator who never walks through its jail with the employees or inmates.  Soon, we are convinced, there will again be a Jail Warden and no need for a jail administrator.        

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