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Friday, January 6, 2017

A Long Hard Road

The blog which was established in October 2015 has brought us down a long hard road.  We have revealed many wrong doings, dereliction of duty,  misuse of posse funds, misuse of office, abuse of power, inmate labor issues, and the theft of the Inmate Food Funds to the sum of $160,000.00+ dollars.

The employees of the sheriffs office are stressed, ready to quit, and have given up almost all hope of relief.  I can't blame them for the way they feel.  Just remember it is darkest just before the dawn.  We have proven the corruption that currently exist in the sheriffs office growing like a fast growing malignant cancer.  The cancer has metastasized and now it is time for the surgical procedure to remove the cancerous growth with high skilled professionals.

A new beginning will be fast and swift and will bring new growth to our county.  We will remove the embarrassing corruption our county has experienced with a swift accurate procession.  The position of Sheriff is not corrupt but the person is.  It is the person that chose to be corrupt.  With an ousting of power the county employees, elected officials, and last but not least the hard working dedicated employees of the sheriffs office can get back to work.

In the spring of 2017 we hope to be well on our way to healing.  We encourage each and everyone of you to keep up the hard work.  Take on each day with a positive approach.  Look to the future with hope and promise.  Do not let the cancer that temporally grows among you damper your spirit.

To All.  Look forward not to the past.

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