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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Whistleblower lawsuit, loan to bankrupt car dealer put Morgan sheriff in the spotlight By Keith Clines Staff Writer

Excerpts From the Decatur Daily comments w/Sheriff Ana Franklin as follows:

Franklin said she had known the company’s majority owner, Harold Jeffreys, a long time, and knew of his reputation as a good businessman. She said she did not know that Greg Steenson was a part-owner of the company.
Steenson was sentenced to four years and three months in federal prison in 2002 after pleading guilty to bank fraud charges. or 256-340-2438. Twitter @DD_KeithClines.

Blogger Comments In Blue:

Sheriff Ana Franklin said, "she did not know that Greg Steenson was a part-owner of the company." Really Ana?  I think most of our readers know by now that if Franklin's lips are moving she is lying. Please see the canceled check below dated February 18, 2014, that Sheriff Ana Franklin deposited from the Priceville Partners, LLC signed by Greg Steenson as a Campaign Donation for her upcoming re-election November 2014.  Mr. Harold Jeffreys did not know Sheriff Ana Franklin personally.  He did not know that Sheriff Ana Franklin was part owner of the Title Marts.  More to come.

  We have a copy of a check for $150,000.00 from Ana Franklin to Priceville Partners LLC. Check# 2054691 dated 06/05/15.  She absolutely knew Greg Steenson was the owner of the Priceville Partners / Title Marts,  She received the listed campaign contribution from this company she invested in long before she invested the $150,000.00.   Ana, you are making this too easy!  Next?  

If Sheriff Ana Franklin will lie to members of the press she will lie to you, me, law enforcement, her family, her new boyfriend, her employees, Judge Glen Thompson, the County Commission, State of Alabama Attorney General, Luther Strange, and everybody else included.

Another Excerpt from the Decatur Daily:

“I would hope the public and most of the staff understand that these things are uncomfortable and that we have to get through them,” Franklin said.

Ana, as for this statement you are correct it is uncomfortable to have a Sheriff that lies and deceives the public and the Media.  It is time to get through all of this your employees already know the truth, county officials, and growing number of the public already know the truth.  

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