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Thursday, December 15, 2016

What happened today?

  Sorry in advance to the general public about this individual blog, for many it wont make since.
  Today was so very interesting in many ways.  It was also very sad!  Honestly not sure as to the purpose of the visit of our guest here in our county today.  It was quite the surprise for so many. So many calls from so many folks who knew our visitors were here.  The news spread like wildfire.  Much faster than I imagined it would.
  To the two Morgan County Sheriffs Office employees driving unmarked trucks hitting your lights and nearly running folks off the road to get to the Sheriff's Office, why would you do this?  Can you really do anything if it was what you feared it was?     We find this very interesting to say the least.  That was just as sad and ludicrous as Blake Robinson's recent battle cry.  Seems everyone is waiting for the inevitable.
  So much more to come, stay tuned!  

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