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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Unfortunate Accident Turned by Ana's Spins!

WOW!  A road trip today was so very informative.  Hwy 287 (Foley  Beach Expressway) and I- 65,  June 7, 2016 was yet another one of Ana's many embarrassing events!

  Accidents happen and are to be expected to a limited extent.  What happens when a Sheriff on the other end of the state in her county vehicle has a significant accident with substantial injury and goes into her all to familiar spin and deceit.     Mr. Hall was a very nice hard working gentlemen, It was so very unfortunate he and his wife happened to be headed to work together where he has worked on a production line for forty years,  just before 6:30am.  Little did they know Ana would pull out failing to yield right of way to them, causing a collision that would forever change their lives sending them both to the hospital.  Like we said, accidents happen but why was she there with a county vehicle instead of at work?  Remember back then she was hardly ever at work and left Larry Berzett as acting Sheriff in her absence!

  The real problems and her spin started from just minutes after the accident.  Due to Morgan County insurance rules any Morgan County employee or elected official knows that a mandated drug / alcohol test must be taken immediately after any motor vehicle accident.  Is this why the Sheriff claimed that she was self insured with the ALEA Trooper who came to the scene to work the accident?  Self Insured?  Does this mean she was just going to take care of it with Sheriff Office funds?  Was this a means to avoid a drug / alcohol test as required by the county's insurance?

  So, after the ambulances leave with the injured victims and the wreckers tow the Sheriff's county vehicle and the victim's vehicle away, there are many more questions. Is the high Sheriff so high she is immune from the rules put in place by the county's insurance or was this why she claimed self insured?  Then comes another incredible feat by the Sheriff! Did Charlie Mcnichol somehow help with all this since he is such the big wig down there?  We hear he has some experience with significant accidents also! How did the vehicle belonging to and insured by Morgan County get back to our county after being so damaged it had to be towed away?  How and when did you get back?  Who repaired the vehicle owned by the county?  How many estimates were done prior to money likely from one of the many Sheriffs Office accounts paid for the damages to the vehicle.  Why not use the insurance paid for by the tax payers? If one of your employees or any other employee or elected official in Morgan County did any of this without reporting it to anyone what would happen?

  Now, much more importantly, what about the victims?   Should any Sheriff, in any county, in any state in the nation run over folks injuring them, and not only try to cover it up so those back in their own jurisdictions don't find out about it, but also make attempts to avoid responsibility of the accident once the case has been filed?  

 Why, was a civil case, 05-CV-2016-901046.00 filed on 09/14/2016 in the circuit court     of Baldwin County not responded to as required?  Was this a Billable Barney tactic or all your own Ana?  You have gone way beyond the 30 days!  Ana, do we have to remind you to file all your paperwork now?   Maybe, like most things it seems lately if you act like its not happening you think you can spin out of it.  Ana, this and so much more is not going away!  Do you even know or care how significantly you injured these hard working, very respectable people as they were going to work?  Do you know anything about them? Do you care?  Do you have any remorse or will you continue to avoid the responsibility?  Do you know his wife has still been unable to return to full time work because of this? How humiliatingly embarrassing it is for our county!  Have you made contact with any of them to check on them?  We have personally, and we did not drive a county car to the other end of the state to do it.  So very sad that these people have to be victimized also.

  Ana, in case you may need help with this we will give you their attorney information.
                         Britt V. Bethea, of Greene & Phillips Attorneys at Law, L.L.C.
                         50 N. Florida Street
                         Mobile, Al 36607
                         (251) 478-1115
Maybe, you might want to try to do the right thing for a change!  Or maybe we can just let the County Commission or someone else take care of your mess at this point.  We certainly don't want you having to drive county vehicles all over the state and beyond any more.  Does your immunity also cover you from running over people and trying to hide the fact you did it?  Do you not answer the lawsuits sent to you because you have immunity from them also?  Do you think we might need to send this story to an investigative reporter with the media?  I have a feeling we don't need to as a couple of people do read this blog.  You think there may be an ethics issue or two here?   Just curious, since you tried to hide all this and avoid your alcohol / drug test way back then, wonder if you might consider taking one now?   As you spent the weekend back down in South Alabama hugging up on Donald Trump and others as the pictures you shared show, we bet if they knew the hot water you are in you would have been no where around them.  How many trips to how many places all over the state and beyond does our taxpayers need to pay for?   We have a feeling Ana's claim of self insured is much closer to reality than she may think if the county's insurance has anything to do with it.              

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  1. This is a sheriff that I've heard too much about. Her deputies are untrained pulling folks over for no reason (I had a friend I look like the criminal of the day?)...Suspecting you for some reason. But if she pulls out of the bar with Charlie where are you Joey Coburn? who is high on steroids and God knows what else. There's your boss and her boyfriend drinking it up, and you're not to be found??? Ana isn't this buzz driving sweetheart?