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Friday, December 16, 2016

The Sinking Ship

  We have spoken to this before but with all the recent conversations we want to reiterate a few important points.

  The Morgan County Sheriffs Office has some outstanding employees.  Any employee that can remain to do the job they were hired to do under such adverse conditions which have been created through the actions of this Sheriff and a few of her employees are to be commended.  Most employees are doing the right thing and standing up for what is right and just, despite the positions they are so precariously in.

  We can promise you this, that the good honorable, courageous and honest hard working employees far outweigh those who are involved with Ana's illegal actions and corruption, or those who did not care enough to stand one way or another.

 We have many contacts within the Sheriff's Office.  We repeatedly hear things from employees from all divisions of the Sheriffs Office about what is going on.  Many times we hear about the "sinking ship" and who is going down with it.  It's always the same few names that come up about who is going down and who will need to find new employment if they themselves don't go to jail with the Sheriff and others involved.  We hear the Sheriffs Office has become "completely dysfunctional" we hear "the sheriff's office can no longer function as a department".  Then we also heard the long-publicized speech when Ana dressed up and attempted to act like a Sheriff, saying this blog was disrupting her department.  Then as always we often hear some of the meat behind it all. Some of this reaches the blog some of it never is mentioned all of that which has any merit from anyone is passed on to those who can make a difference.  The Sheriff knows this to a limited extent and this was likely her motivation to shut the down.  Still do not think she realizes the determination, resilience, size, and reach of what has become of this blog due to the actions of her and those few people she has in her tiny little group.  She did have a very large following and supporters far and wide but as this unfolds those person(s) are realizing through the continued actions Ana, Barney, Bones, Robinson, and others she brought in with her have all lost the support and respect they once had through their own actions, not anything this blog has done.  

  Does the Sheriff not realize that this blog is as much because, about, and by those good employees standing up for what is right as it is anyone putting the words on the blog?  This blog in many ways is the voice of those employees that cannot otherwise voice their opinion to a corrupt person who currently has the title of Sheriff.  Does she not realize that her all-powerful ego and lack of involvement with the Sheriff's Office other than to squander the money has made her completely unapproachable? As if anyone would want to at this point!    

  Yes, Warden Bradley has assisted with this blog as has so many more throughout our county and beyond.  The Sheriff has named only a few but really obviously has no idea the scope of how many have assisted or otherwise become involved.  The viewers of the blog have increased dramatically and the media has also now finally taken an ever-increasing role.  But, as we have said many times we are not the ones ultimately, responsible for the eradication of the corruption in the Sheriffs Office.  The blog is and has been a fact-finding, discovering, and a reveling avenue for so many concerning this all.  The Blog did not build itself from nothing, the actions of the Sheriff and those closest to her made it possible through their actions for the blog to be heard, gain popularity from exposing facts, and do its little part to make a difference.

  Yes, the Sheriff's ship is sinking, for those closest to her within the Sheriffs Office and associated with Title Marts, who also are grasping for a way out.  The cost has been significant to many in Ana's wake of destruction as the hopes of many were destroyed, but as costly as it has been the efforts put forth to make things right have far surpassed the losses.

  Keep up the good work everyone!  Significant change is inevitable!
Time for the wannabe rodeo queen crown to come off and shovel some of her own dung left all over the Sheriff's Office.

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