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Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Question is Why?

Our question is why hasn't the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, Governor Bentley, and/or the Alabama State Attorney General initiated an investigation into Sheriff Ana Franklin and Barney Lovelace's activities in having Daniel Lockhart place keylogger software on his Grandmother's computer.

Sheriff Franklin and her thugs are busy conducting investigations on Warden Leon Bradley and business owner Glenda Lockhart for computer tampering at the same time someone should be looking at Sheriff Franklin, Robert (Bones) Wilson, Blake Robinson, and Barney Lovelace for the same thing?  Has anybody contacted the Alabama Bar Association?

Another question we have is why is Barney Lovelace still involved with any aspect of the incident involving the Lockhart's since he was present at a meeting with Franklin and her goons when they discussed Daniel Lockhart the informant gaining access to his Grandmother's office to collect evidence so that they could later obtain a search warrant?  Furthermore, why is Sheriff Ana Franklin still allowed to conduct an investigation on Lockhart since she paid an informant to collect evidence from an office before she obtained a legal search warrant.

There is something wrong with this picture.

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