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Friday, December 2, 2016

The Power of Teamwork - Funny Animation.

We have had a hard week with the tornado's coming through our county and many people have lost all or a lot of their possessions.  Thank God we here in Morgan county did not have loss of life.  It is far easier to replace material things than to tragically lose a loved one.  During our ride through the Neel community we saw a lot of devastation but along with the devastation we saw a lot of neighbors and families pulling together to help with the cleanup.  Food and water was being brought into the families and workers. So many people helping their community.  While visiting the area we noticed that the Commission (Randy Vest) group was already diligently working on clean up along with the other community members.

We talk a lot on the blog about corruption and injustice as we see it.  Sometimes we must step back and think about the good things that are going on in our community.  Our church leaders, our community leaders, the DA and staff, the Commission, Court, county personnel, and most of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office employees work very hard during some very difficult times.  We have so many hard working good people in our county to be proud of.  Thank You For You Service, Dedication, and Hard Work.

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