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Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Noose is Tightening

What happens when those conducting a criminal investigation are they themselves arrested?

  The Sunday issue of the Decatur Daily is very interesting.  There, of course, is many other sister news agencies sharing the stories and all the web-based information being shared.  It is getting a great deal of publicity finally.

  We have spoken with many people lately.  Just about anyone actually following this can now easily read the writing on the wall.  We have gathered so much information. With what we know and that additional info we share with those who can make a difference, and Ana's own admissions, this has become easier in the court of public opinion and I am sure it has done the same for those who can make a difference.

  Yes, there are court dates for a civil case and they are way out there.  Federal civil trial dates set out in January 2018.  Is this what is going to big news?  We are pretty sure the answer to that is NO!  We really wonder if these cases are not simply settled out by insurance, do to what will likely happen before that date gets even close.

  Many people including the media are focused on the illegal search and seizure issues as well as all the fruits of a poisonous tree issue which would make any evidence she claims to have inadmissible.  Despite what she may think there is no real evidence anyway.  This is one reason there has been and won't be an arrest of the Warden or anyone associated with or involved with the Whistleblower Blog.  She does not have what she believes to have or at least claims to have.  She spins things pretty well for those who do not know enough about what is going on to know the difference.

  There is so very much to this story that many do not know.  Much of it is about Title Marts aka Performance Auto Sales.  Please take the time to read the previous blogs on this.  There is a great deal of what is going on that has not been shared simply for its value to others.

  We do not know when it will happen, those who can make a difference cannot and won't give details yet where this is concerned.   We know it will happen and we ask that everyone continue to stay patient.  Who knows maybe those persons who have the Sheriffs Office so messed up will realize the gig is up and walk away awaiting the invertible.  It would be better for everyone if Ana Franklin, Robert (Bones) Wilson, and Blake Robinson for starters just resigned.  The Sheriff's Office can't get started back in the right direction soon enough! There are others that have been closely involved with the Title Marts, wrongdoings with the Rodeo, Posse, and reserve funds, and those who have otherwise stood by and done nothing having knowledge of what was going on and chose to do nothing or otherwise continued to support and assist the Sheriff.  For those of you, I hope that you have alternate plans of how to earn a living if you can avoid the same outcome the Sheriff and a few others face.

  Anyone wonder why the Sheriff is not riding the horses in the parades this Christmas season after the thousands and thousands of dollars in Sheriff Office funds were spent on these horses the Posse and all the gear associated with it?  Anyone wonder why she is dressing the part of Sheriff a bit more lately?  Read previous blogs and you will know.

  Stay tuned so much more to come not directly related to the civil cases that are ongoing.

  First female Sheriff in Morgan County, so sad she will be the first female Sheriff in the USA to be removed from office.  So many had such high hopes. Some but much fewer still do, while they still are blinded by the hope that the facts revealed here are not true.  We wish they were not true and there was never a need or purpose for this blog or anyone else to be involved as they are.              

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