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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Significant Developments

  Game plans for the Sheriff will have to change dramatically!  With the loss of Billable Barney a while back, this thing significantly changes for the Sheriff, Bones and Robinson . The blatant ways that Barney attempted to mislead the federal judge about the computers being at the State of Alabama Forensics lab, the fact he was there in collusion with the Sheriff and Bones while discussions of illegal activity was being planed was incredible.  We believe the Sheriff and Barney were being beat from every angle in court during the civil cases.  The fact that the Federal Judge recommended mediation and Barney refused to comply was also significant.  At this point Barney and his actions will be dealt with and he appears to be one of several who let Ana help to end their involvement and possibly more.  It remains to be seen what the criminal side of this will do with Barney and others.  He being a managing partner of the law firm he is in, being removed from this case, I am sure it is not only a black eye for him but a substantial hit to his law firm.  Although we are sure to hear much more of this from media outlets, we will likely focus on others not yet removed from their positions. We may even refrain from further references to Barney as deep pocket or Billable Barney.

  We certainly hope that Ana is able to retain a good civil and criminal defense attorney in Barney's absence.  Barney has been threatening the whistleblowers saying we have needed good criminal defense attorneys, how ironic!  Ana has not been able to make the arrest she said she would and now she needs a new attorney as her attorney was the first of several people involved to be going down one way or another.  Why is Barney Lovelace off the case?  The criminal side of this is obviously about to start.

  We applaud the efforts of so many from Morgan County and beyond to the Federal Government who are making a difference in all of this.          

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