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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Sheriff Franklin Can't Keep Her Mouth Shut

Sheriff Franklin why are you telling your friends that your opponents and the whistleblowers are under investigation by the Alabama State Attorney General and will soon be in jail?  Because you can't keep your mouth shut.  The people you made allegations against in your 18 minute smut conference do not have a voice, so you think.  Some of them are dead and can't defend themselves. You made it clear that everybody you talked about is lower than whale poop.  Many of us have started to call the State Attorney Generals Office to express our disgust.  We don't brag about having a "close" relationship with Luther Strange, heck we have never met the man. According to your friends you met with the AG less than five days ago.  Wouldn't it be nice to be a fly on the wall when Sheriff Franklin is crying her heart out to the State Attorney General.

Speaking of the press.  Why didn't the press ask why you paid an informant to go into an office and collect information before you had a legal warrant?  Why didn't the press ask you if that was legal?  Why didn't the press ask you why you raided a business after duty hours instead of during normal duty hours?  Why didn't the press ask you why you promoted Justin Powell to your Information Technology Specialist after he gave Daniel the keylogger software to install on the office and home computers?   

It is evident that you believe you have immunity from prosecution.  Is it true that you somehow believe you did not committed a crime by paying someone to go on a fact finding mission in a business to collect evidence before you obtained a warrant?

Are you that arrogant or misinformed?  Or did you just hope your coerced informant would not say anything to anyone and you would get away with it?  The best judge of character is to know what one might do if they believed they would not be caught! 

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