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Monday, December 5, 2016

Sheriff Ana Franklin - They're Stalking Me and Who Do I Blame

Sheriff Ana Franklin continues to claim that she is being stalked.  That is ridiculous.  Sheriff Franklin was in an open bar Saturday night drinking with her lover.  A bar is a public place.  The blog/Google+ social media has over 1,081,221 views.  Sheriff Franklin should expect that if she is in a bar in Morgan County, Alabama that someone is going to see her.  They may also take pictures of her while she is drinking.  The sheriff's position is a 24X7 on-call position.  People take notice and they talk about what they see.

No matter where we go around the country and county, the citizens are talking about rumors they have heard about the sheriff.  The citizens are talking about the whistleblower.  Many people are trying to figure out what is going on.  Many of the Morgan County Sheriffs Office employees are from Morgan County as is their extended family.  Word gets out.  Franklin has been pushed in a corner and all she can do at this point is to point fingers, lie to the press, and make claims such as the State conducted the forensics on the whistleblower's computers.  We blogged the process once before as to where the computers went.  Looks like another here we go again.  The National Forensics Institute Partners are the United States Department of Homeland Security, United States Secret Service, State of Alabama, Alabama Office of Prosecutions Service/Alabama District Attorneys Association, City of Hoover, Alabama, and Shelby County, Alabama partnered together to develop and train state agencies.  Our understanding is that Sheriff Ana Franklin was referred to the Marshall County Major Crime Unit, an Alabama Nonprofit Corporation.  The name of the Corporation is Marshall County Major Crime Unit.  Nothing in the Articles of Incorporation reflect that the Marshall County Major Crime Unit is authorized to work outside their jurisdiction, see para (2) below.  None of this is the issue nor does anybody within the whistleblower group believe that the outside agency had anything to do with the damage to the computers or the placement of keylogger equipment on the office and home computers.  Franklin is caught in the crosshairs because she had the keylogger software installed on the computers and the informant chose to rat her out.  Franklin in Spin City.  So what else is new?

The Marshall County Major Crime Unit an Alabama Nonprofit Corporation was established in Marshall County Alabama within the means of the Alabama Nonprofit Corporation Law and Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Billable Barney may try his best to make this look like the State of Alabama Forensics but as you can see it absolutely is not, and is authorized to work only within Marshall County.  We are not bashing the outside agencies at all, just their use and spins put on by Ana Franklin.  Franklin destroyed the computers! Franklin placed keylogger devices on them by means of coercion long before any search warrants were obtained.  In fact, we welcome any cooperation of any outside agency that may have in any way been involved or contacted by Ana Franklin concerning this.  Barney and Ana are spinning this any way they can.  Who will they blame next?

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