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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sheriff Ana Franklin and Mobile County 911 Director Charlie Mcnichol Hit The Bar

Looks like Ana and Charlie hit the bar for a night on the town.  A source provided us with the following pictures.  Ana, Charlie, and Hilda hit a local bar to let their hair and down and to watch the Bama Game.  Four margaritas and three shots later and just before half time had Ana all relaxed and feeling mellow.

The questions we have is who drove home?  Our source tells us that Charlie stopped drinking beer around the 3d quarter and left the bar shortly before the fourth quarter of the game ended.  Was the SUV that Charlie drove his personally owned vehicle or did it belong to Mobile County?  Charlie Mcnichol is the 911 director for Mobile County, Alabama.

Ana seen packing them down.
Sharing a moment with Hilda.

Getting Ready to Leave the Bar

Out she goes

Nice Ride Charley

Mobile County Paid a Price for This Ride.  Hey! Can You Drive a County Vehicle if You Are Drinking.  Sure Ana does it all the time.....


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