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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Reference Decatur Daily Article on the Sheriff and the Blogger December 9, 2016

Did Sheriff Ana Franklin really say that she paid Daniel Lockhart to go into his Grandmothers business and obtain evidence before she procured a search warrant?  Franklin basically sent Daniel into a business on an illegal fact finding mission so that she could later get a legal warrant to search a business.  It's called the 'fruit of the poisonous tree' rule.  She can't use any of it.

No business in Morgan County, Alabama is safe if a rogue sheriff can pay an informant hundreds of dollars to go into your business and look for information so that the rogue sheriff can frame the business owners.

Out of Franklin's own mouth she admitted she committed a crime.  When Daniel took the information he copied during his fact finding mission to Sheriff Franklin she knew that what she had in her possession was documents pertaining to a Federal Law Suit against her and her office.   When Franklin reviewed the file she knew that Ms. Lockhart was working with the family of a deceased inmate and the family's attorney.  Franklin took the file and used HIPPA information provided by the deceased inmates family to Judge Thompson to obtain a search warrant.  Franklin claimed that Warden Leon Bradley provided Lockhart with the HIPPA information from the jail.  Not true. Franklin thought she killed three birds with one stone.  She got rid of Warden Bradley, she got rid of the whistleblower, and she got rid of a pain in the butt Federal Law Suit.

What Franklin didn't know.  Franklin didn't know that the hard drive on Lockhart's computer had been replaced shortly before the office raid and that all of the communications between Lockhart, Bradley, the attorney, and the deceased inmates family was on the old hard drive.  The communications reflects that Lockhart ran errands for the attorney and received the information legally; that the information did not come from Bradley.

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