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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Pay Discrepency

  Pay for Ana's employees certainly is different for so many!  Some work very hard for their money, there are certainly those in the chosen few who do not even have to show up and get paid large amounts of money.  Much like the "No Show" Sheriff as she was for so long.

  For the jailers and the deputies on the road its nearly impossible to make ends meet. Very tight budgets with no wiggle room, savings or emergency funds.  No raises and increasing cost of benefits is plaguing those who are the backbone of the Sheriffs Office.  For these guys its hard to get a new uniform shirt but let a Rodeo anyone want anything and its top priority.

  There can be no overtime.   Flex time and comp times are maxed out! Both flex and comp are accrued at straight time.  For most at straight time hours and no overtime given at all.  There is no time to take off as the manpower levels won't allow for those who actually work to take off without jeopardizing the safety of others.

  What about all the labor law issues arising from the efforts of Ana Franklin?  Does the Deputies and other employees know how much overtime and other pay the chosen few make?  What about those who do your dirty work with you Ana?  Oh wait they are the same chosen few!  Does the bulk of your employees know how few hours the chosen really work versus how many hours you pay them?  The bulk of your employees put in many more hours of work than what they are paid for.
  Where is the Auburn study?   How much did the taxpayers pay for it?  Then the results be hidden from everyone?  What year was it, 09 or 10?

  Ana, we are being patient and have allowed you time to go first and come out with the answers about other things like the illegal use of inmate food funds.  Still no answer?  We will soon answer it for you Ana.  We will also answer the questions of pay discrepancy within the Sheriffs Office.    

  Many open record request about to be filed.  How many of these records will be manipulated, altered, changed, lost or destroyed, or simply not made available through legal request?

  Ana, you are being given plenty of time to do the right thing here!  Let it be known and come out with it.   Maybe, just maybe, if you come clean now vs everyone having to prove your lawlessness, things may be a little better for you in the outcome.  We know it will be better for the majority of the employees, and the tax paying citizens.   Ana, have you seen what is going on in this state?  Sumter County, how about the very quiet issues with the other Sheriff?

  Ana just another little side note to spur the horse a bit maybe.  This blog has no more control over the outcome of what is to come at the Sheriff's Office than you do at this point.  We would like to think we have helped a little in bringing to light the truth in a small way but we know we have barely scratched the surface of what others can and have done.

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