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Friday, December 16, 2016

Morgan sheriff says jail warden fired for 'totality' of policy violations, By Keith Clines Staff Writer

 Blogger Comments in Blue:

  Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin said former Morgan County Jail Warden Leon Bradley was fired for violating several office policies, though any one of the violations by itself would have been reason enough for her to fire him.

Blogger Login:  Franklin can continue to claim that Warden Bradley provided the whistleblower's confidential information and that the information ended up on the blog until the cows come home.  She is still a liar.  The whistleblowers did not receive any confidential information from Bradley.  If indeed Franklin is telling even an ounce of truth I would rather be Bradley than Franklin.  Time will tell but we believe that Franklin is going to jail for a very long time.  We hear Tutwiler Women's Prison is beautiful this time of year.  

Franklin’s termination notice to Bradley on Oct. 13 said Bradley violated department policies concerning acceptable internet use, misusing county property, compromising confidential information, removing county property without authorization and providing information detrimental to the Sheriff’s Office to someone outside the office.
Blogger Comments:  Sheriff Ana Franklin the no-show sheriff.  Dereliction of duty, a low life conniving thief.  Sheriff Ana Franklin invested $150,000.00 in the Performance Auto Ponzi scheme along with her ex-boyfriend ALEA Steven Ziaja who claims he invested $846,000.00 dollars.  The big question is where did they get the money?  Why didn't either Franklin or Ziaja report their investments on their Alabama Statement of Economic Interest?  We know why.  Sheriff Franklin, ALEA Agent Steven Ziaja, Drug Task Force Officer Bones Wilson, Billy Bad Ass Blake Robinson, and ALEA Agent John Venegoni all had a vested interest in the Performance Auto Sales aka Title Marts along with Greg Steenson a felon who went to Federal prison around 2002 for stealing money from several local banks.  Approximately 8,000,000.00 dollars.  A nice chunk of change.  Steenson was arrested earlier this year on charges of theft and forgery as the owner of Performance Auto Sales. The true owner of the business had no clue that any of the aforementioned people had invested in his business.  The Title Mart thefts are only the tip of the ice burg for Franklin, Bones Wilson, and Billy Bad Ass Blake Robinson.  So! As we said previously we would rather be Bradley than these thugs.
“The totality of what’s on here is the part that’s egregious,” Franklin said of the violations cited on the notice. “I think it speaks for itself as far as why (he was fired)."
Franklin’s office is investigating whether Bradley committed a crime by allegedly providing information to Falkville businesswoman Glenda Lockhart, who manages a blog that is highly critical of Franklin. Search warrants issued for Bradley’s home and Lockhart’s business said the Sheriff’s Office suspected both of the crime of computer tampering, court records show.
In a related matter, a federal judge has granted Franklin’s request to halt Lockhart’s federal civil lawsuit against Franklin until a criminal investigation against Bradley and Lockhart is complete.
Bradley, who became warden on Aug. 13, 2003, had not been cited for any policy violations nor had disciplinary actions taken against him during his 13 years with the Sheriff's Office, according to his personnel file. The file was provided by Franklin as the result of a public records request from The Decatur Daily.
Blogger Comments:  Warden Bradley has more integrity in his little toe than any of the corrupt thugs in Franklin's circle.  The clock is ticking and time is winding down on Franklin and her thugs.  We ask our readers to keep an open mind because there is plenty more to come.  If Sheriff Franklin had any self-respect she would have fired herself.
Bradley received “good” and “very good” grades by former Sheriff Greg Bartlett when Bradley’s probationary period ended after he was hired. He received “good” and “excellent” marks on a 2009 evaluation by Bartlett.
Franklin gave Bradley notice on Oct. 4 that she intended to fire him, according to a proposed termination letter. Sheriff’s deputies on the same day served a search warrant at Bradley’s Southwest Decatur home, court records show. Deputies seized at least 27 items, including computers and flash drives from the home.
On Oct. 5, deputies served a search warrant on Lockhart to search her Straightline Drywall Co. office in Falkville, court records show. Deputies seized 17 items at Straightline, including computers, USB flash drives and documents.
Blogger Comments:  It is kind of funny that during the Federal Court proceedings Billable Barney and his clients demanded that they could not possibly get Lockhart's computers returned for at least another week that is until; they found out that Daniel Lockhart was in court to testify to the fact that Franklin paid him to enter Lockhart's business before a warrant was served to collect evidence and that he would be testifying about installing the keylogger software provided by the MCSO Information Technology Specialist..  In a flash, Billable Barney was able to return the computers by 2:00 on the same day.  Amazing.  Not to mention that as soon as Daniel Lockhart's name was mentioned Franklin, Bones, and Robinson began jumping around like chickens with their heads cut off.
Franklin issued a termination notice to Bradley on Oct. 13 after meeting with Bradley and his attorney, John Charles of Montgomery, the previous day, the termination notice said.
Bradley had five days from receiving the termination notice to appeal his firing to the Morgan County Personnel Review Board, the notice said. Bradley did not appeal his firing.
Bradley on Thursday said he wanted to talk to his attorney, Nick Heatherly, before commenting on why he did not appeal his firing. Heatherly's office said he was out of town and could not be reached for comment.
Franklin said in the termination notice that Bradley used his office email to send confidential information, documents, and records to his personal email account. Bradley then provided those materials “to a third person unaffiliated with the office or law enforcement.”
Sheriff’s Sgt. Blake Robinson said in asking for a search warrant for Bradley’s home and Lockhart’s business that there was a reason to believe Bradley and Lockhart committed the crime of computer tampering.
Franklin said Thursday that the criminal investigation could take weeks or months to complete.
Blogger Comments:  We can wait weeks or months but Franklin only has days of freedom left.
U.S. District Judge Madeline Hughes Haikala on Wednesday agreed to a request from Franklin’s attorneys that Lockhart’s federal lawsuit be put on hold while the criminal investigation is ongoing.
“I think it was the right decision, of course,” Franklin said. “We’ll continue through the process.”
Lockhart said the criminal investigation has affected her business and its employees, and her family.
“I have no problem with the judge's decision, but it's difficult to run a business with the allegations of criminal charges hanging over my head,” she said.
Haikala’s stay order told the two sides to file a joint report by June 16 with an update on the criminal investigation status.
The judge also allowed Lockhart’s attorneys’ request to file a second amendment to her original complaint.
The amended complaint accuses Franklin of slandering Lockhart in a recent television interview. Lockhart’s new complaint said Franklin tarnished her good name and reputation, and that Franklin has not retracted the statements.
Lockhart said in the amended complaint that Franklin’s comments are “false, defamatory, malicious or so reckless as to constitute maliciousness, were intended to embarrass, humiliate and inflict emotional distress upon” Lockhart.
Haikala previously dismissed Sheriff's Office Deputy Chad Smith as a co-defendant in the civil case. Deputy Robert “Bones” Wilson and Robinson remain as co-defendants with Franklin.
Daniel Lockhart, who is Glenda Lockhart’s grandson, has said in a sworn statement that he agreed to be a paid informant to gather information about Bradley.
He said in the statement that the Sheriff’s Office instructed him to install keystroke logger software on Glenda Lockhart’s computers and showed him how to install the software. Daniel Lockhart said he obtained his grandmother’s computer passwords from the software and gave the passwords to Wilson.
Franklin has confirmed that Daniel Lockhart was a paid informant, but said he was not told by anyone in her office to install the keystroke logger software or instructed how to use it. She said Daniel Lockhart broke the law if he installed the software.
Blogger Comments:  Sheriff Franklin has already admitted to a crime.  Franklin paid the informant to go into Glenda Lockhart's business on September 28, 2016, to gather evidence to justify a warrant.  The warrant wasn't served until October 5, 2016. or 256-340-2438. Twitter @DD_KeithClines. Staff Writer Mike Wetzel contributed to this story.

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